The thing with five eyes

The thing with five eyes

The thing with five eyes ‘khazar’

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States form the “Five Eyes” (FVEY) alliance. The multilateral UKUSA Agreement binds these countries to cooperate in signals intelligence, strategic intelligence, and human intelligence. In recent years, documents from the FVEY also shown that they are deliberately spying on each other’s people and exchanging the knowledge gathered with one another in order to bypass domestic spying regulations. [eight]
As the FVEY’s monitoring capabilities improve to keep up with technological developments, a global surveillance infrastructure is increasingly being established to monitor the communications of entire populations across national boundaries.
[nine] The following is a list of FVEY goals who are well-known public figures in different fields. To be included on the list, there must be well-documented documentation based on credible sources, such as leaked or declassified FVEY records or whistleblower accounts, demonstrating that the individual in question is, or was, purposefully targeted for surveillance.

The thing with five eyes – salem [official videoclip

Kohnen began his Darkjazz idea in 1999, when he composed a track named “Darkjazz” for his main project Bong-Ra, which was heavily inspired by Albert Ayler’s track “Ghost.” Later, he founded TKDE and released three full-length albums and an EP on Planet Mu, Ad Noiseam, and Denovali.
Via his Bong-Ra jazz EP adaptations of Venetian Snares’ Hungarian song, Kohnen signed a contract with Planet Mu. Since then, The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Company and TKDE have brought the genre to new heights.
Hungarian drummer Balazs Pandi (known for his unusual drumming with the likes of Merzbow, Otto von Schirah, Venetian Snares, Jamie Saft, and many others) will be part of the project for both live and future recordings, joining in on the musical activity that will follow.

The thing with five eyes – noirabesque

London is a city in England. Arthur Herman, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, wrote a fascinating article for this website in September 2018, suggesting that Japan should join the Five Eyes intelligence alliance. Moves to get Japan (and Germany) closer to the Five Eyes system have been underway for some time, but now is the time for a formal and comprehensive agreement. The United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand are the current members of this long-standing alliance. As a result, Japan will be the sixth full member, thanks to its advanced communications technology. The alliance requires members to share intelligence practices and promotes military interoperability, resulting in strong links that the digital age both allows and encourages.

The thing with five eyes ‘meduxae’

Noirabesque has a one-hour soundtrack that blends in well with H.P. Lovecraft’s absurd, exotic horror stories from the early twentieth century, including Oosterse zanglijnen and wereldvreemde instruments. This is the gain of the readily available electronics that Kohnen employs. Because, where The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble focuses on traditional sounds and instruments, he opens all digitaal-sonical registers on The Thing With Five Eyes to achieve the desired effect. The poorten of the hel, a depiction from the Arabische duizend-en-één-nacht, are just a few of the pictures that appear during the luistering. They are ripped apart by duistere piramides and left behind in lost gewaande oerwouden.
Het voert een individueel behandeling van elke track, vooral omdat dat nergens voor is. Noirabesque is at its finest when you listen to the album in its entirety, from beginning to end, on a good phone, ideally at a place where the illusion of long lost magic, parallel universes, natural phenomena, and unspellable schaduws can still be encountered. So no, you don’t see this place when the schoonfamilie comes in for a cup of coffee to discuss the new telg or to watch Oom Henri’s 55th verjaardag in the Buurtcentrum De Snor. Verre is a verb that means “to be.”

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