The theme is freedom

The theme is freedom

Tomara conrad – freedom | speak for yourself official theme

Change has the potential to free you. It is one of life’s few constant companions. It’s the one thing that will stick with you from beginning to end, and if you resist improvement, I’m afraid it will turn against you.
Finding the spaces in between, the places and holes where few people have gone before, is the greatest act of liberation. Pay attention to the limitations that bother you and why they bother you, then jump into those spaces. Collaborate with others to transform the empty spaces into common spaces.
Many people tend to criticize themselves almost a priori, and it seems that this is their greatest inhibitor. The vital voice enters before they begin working on their artistic idea. And it’s heartbreaking and pointless.
You have a sense of the universe, a sense of your role in it, and you believe you can accomplish what you’ve set out to do, according to self-efficacy. Isn’t it beautiful? Consider how different it is from the majority of people’s lives.
I had a big epiphany. This is about several generations of a family in turmoil, I thought as I looked at this grown woman in dark blue jail scrubs, these convicted criminals, villains, who I had a prejudice towards. This issue is much more complex than I first realized.

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“… American constitutional theory is the product of a two-millennia-long evolution of Western thought and practice. It begins with the divine insight that there is a higher rule above the state; finds support for this stricture in the church, and then in the feudal order; and deduces a structure of contractual statecraft, representative bodies, and written promises of independence from these — all translated to our shores and undergirded by the methods we’ve looked at. This history, taken as a whole, traces a set of ever-narrowing and more definitive restrictions on the scope of secular authority, the ultimate manifestation of which is (or was) the American Constitution.”
On the surface, this does not seem to be contentious or out of the ordinary. However, if you read it carefully and combine it with the book’s two main and inseparable themes, the debate begins. These are the themes: “… our culture’s chief political practice is, above all, a tradition of limited government in the interest of preserving personal liberty” AND “… that this tradition is rooted in religious faith, not secular abstraction.”

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This is a collection of earlier philosophical essays dealing with life’s essential “absurdity” and the idea that, in order to transcend any thoughtful man’s strong inclination to suicide, one must embrace life on its own terms, with its ideals of revolt, liberty, and passion. The point of view is peculiarly outmoded, since it is derived from and distorts the beliefs of the founders of existentialism, Jaspers, Heldegger, and Kierkegaard, among others. It is focused on war and resistance experiences, liberally sprinkled with Andre Gide’s excessive intellectualism. With their talent for the terse novel or intense drama, younger existentialists like Sartre and Camus seem to have excluded from their theory all the deep religiosity that pervades the work of the great existentialist thinkers. This leads to a general lack of energy in these essays, and Camus seems unaware that the life force has healed old wounds ten years after the battle… Mostly for avant-garde aesthetes and his close circle.

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Dos Passos traces his faith in individual liberty through history in a series of essays spanning thirty years. “The fundamental tragedy my work seeks to convey continues to remain monotonously the same,” the author states, “man’s fight for survival against the strangling institution he himself creates.”
According to critic Orville Prescott, based on The Theme Is Independence, Dos Passos is “a brilliant writer with an outstanding flair for striking pictorial pictures…
He has a strong desire to help individuals, causes, and issues, but he still needs to take action. He has been involved in affairs all of his life.”

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