The requested address is not valid in its context

The requested address is not valid in its context

Gns3 local server error

Please ensure that your computer and the server are on the same local network. Please ping your computer from the server to determine its IP address as seen by the server. Then, in the pg hba.conf file, add the corresponding record. Please see… -conf.html for more details.
Perhaps your system connects to the machine through the Internet rather than the local network, and it is unaware of the IP address. Look through the following thread to see if you can find something useful:

Could not connect to on port xxxx: [winerror 10061

On my subject, any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been working on a client-server framework that will serve as the foundation for a multiplayer game that I’m creating with a few others. I’m starting tiny, with the aim of simply allowing the server and client to communicate, and then expanding functionality from there. Since I’m using both TCP and UDP in this program, I’m having trouble communicating with both. TCP establishes the connection, while UDP transmits all of the basic data and messages. When the server and client are on two separate computers in my local network, I get the error that I’m getting. Since they aren’t designed to share ports, I can’t run them on the same computer. The following error message appears: The requested address is invalid in its context. I tried looking up this mistake on msdn and other sites. I attempted to modify the connections to share ports by modifying the ports that were being used. I double-checked IP addresses as well. I tried connections on various machines and set up port forwarding on my router to allow the server to be accessed from the internet. But to no avail. The following is my code. Any assistance you might provide will be greatly appreciated. This one has me completely stumped. It’s all done in C#.

Gns3 error could not bind with winerror 10049 the

I use a STATIC IP and port forwarding over the internet to access many of the webUI applications. I attempted to do the same thing by entering my STATIC IP in the Settings>Connections section and forwarding the required port through a Firewall rule and my router.
My problem is that I can no longer navigate the Interface due to the above Error message. If you could tell me how to reclaim the GUI, that would be great. Where can I make the requisite adjustments so that it listens to localhost once more?
You can override it with the choice -gui-address http://localhost:8384 or by setting the environment variable STGUIADDRESS=http://localhost:8384, depending on how you start it. Then you can open the Interface and make permanent adjustments there. Otherwise, you should modify it in the config.xml file directly.

Python tutorial: unit testing your code with the unittest

I attempted to set up a backup job (MySQL Server (TCP/IP) via SSH Tunnel – see screenshot), but I always receive the error “Socket error 10049 occurred.” When checking the link or beginning the backup, the requested address is invalid in its context.”
Only when using SQL Backup and FTP do I get the same 10049 socket error. When the same link settings are used in MySQL Workbench on the same client computer, for example, the connection works perfectly. What basic network settings in SQL Backup and FTP are causing this? I was hoping you could point me in the right direction for a solution. Thank you.

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