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This chapter is told by Minny. Celia Foote lives in a massive mansion on the outskirts of town. Minny thinks Celia looks like Marilyn Monroe because she wears a lot of makeup. Minny is invited to sit at Celia’s table so that she can get her a cold drink. Minny, wary of Celia, declines the drink and instead requests a tour of the house.
Celia treats Minny with the same respect she does a white woman, showing that she does not share the other housewives’ biases toward black people. Minny’s fears, on the other hand, are based on her previous encounters with racist and cruel white people.
Celia offers Minny the job after showing her around, but she has no idea how to go about recruiting her. Minny is the one who has to tell her what questions she can ask. Unlike other housewives, Celia allows Minny to choose which days she wants to work and when she wants to arrive and depart. Celia gives her two dollars per hour, which is more than double what she was paid at Miss Walters’.

The help by shmoop

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The help by kathryn stockett (book review/summary

Northup was born free, the son of an emancipated slave. His family lived in upstate New York, so he lived, played, and married there. He was a multi-talented worker who could also play the violin. In 1841, two con men offered him a lucrative job playing fiddle in a circus, so he followed them to Washington, D.C., where he was drugged, abducted, and sold as a slave into Louisiana’s Red River area. He spent the next twelve years as the human property of many separate slave masters, the majority of which he spent under the brutal ownership of a southern planter called Edwin Epps. Northup was eventually set free in January 1853 by Northern friends who came to his aid. He returned to his family in New York, where he wrote his account in 12 Years a Slave, with the aid of editor David Wilson.
Slavery as a spiritual cancer; freedom; injustice; humanity’s intrinsic dignity; the role of women in society; religion and slavery; man’s inhumanity to man; slavery’s toll on servant and master alike

The help by kathryn stockett – book review

This book is significant because it depicts the treatment of African Americans after slavery was abolished. Some people believe that after slavery was abolished, black people were treated equally to white people. Nothing could be further from the facts. Kathryn Stockett paints a vivid picture of how black people were viewed after slavery was abolished. All Americans should read The Help because it is a great eye opener.
Mrs Leefolt’s maid, Aibileen Clark, is a 53-year-old black woman. In her lifetime, Aibileen has helped to raise 17 “white infants” (the 18th one being Mae Mobley). Her grandmother was a slave and her mother was a housemaid. Since she was a teenager, she has worked with white people. Sarah Ross is the name of her character in the novel she co-writes with Skeeter. After Skeeter leaves for New York, she takes over writing the Mrs. Myrna column.
Minny Jackson, a black maid, was a valuable contributor to the writing of Help. Her fiery tongue got her into a lot of trouble. Her and Aibileen had a strong relationship. Minny and her husband had a tumultuous relationship. He was highly violent and hurtful to her, and she had to leave her home for a period of time to get away from him. She was the mother of a large family.

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