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Hello there, We’re about to embed a few hundred of our instructional videos from our Vimeo account into our Canvas environment’s various courses. Every online course’s related modules will have these vimeo videos added to them. Since there are so many videos, we decided that using the Vimeo LTI tool would be the best/fastest/cleanest choice so we could search from within the tool and build the connection that takes the student to the video. So here are the steps I took: 1. I press the + next to a module and choose ‘External Tool.’ 2. I select the Vimeo tool3. I search for and locate the video. 4. I select embed and then insert the piece. However, the issue is with the vimeo video’s formatting. It is showing the video with a 100% height and approximately 60% width format for some reason (see below). I tried adding the videos as a connection as well, but that results in an unattractive grey frame around them… The third choice, which looks good (and is what I want), is to build a website, insert the video iframe into the page, and then connect to the page in the module. It appears as follows: However, when dealing with a few hundred videos, the process of creating a page, embedding it, and then adding the connection to a module does not scale well. I’m looking for some tips or ideas on how to connect to our instructional Vimeo videos in a scaleable way that also looks fine. Thank you!! Huw is a Welshman who was born in

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The bunch – is there time for matching socks

“This documentary film is the antidote to most bands’ sexy, racy rock ‘n’ roll yawns. We are, in reality, a group of artists. “Sleaford Mods’ Jason Williamson “Young people are getting big record deals and all they do is sing love songs. I am a firm believer in passion. But, for the love of God, there’s a lot going on! When you’re living on £15 a week, who wants to hear that? “And then you turn on the television and some jerk is talking about love,” singer Jason Williamson says. Sleaford Mods, a Nottingham duo, have been dubbed “the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band” by Iggy Pop and “the soundtrack to post-Brexit Britain” by the Guardian for their sweary rants about modern England. With their painfully frank lyrics and DIY ethos, Jason Williamson, a former chicken factory worker and father of two, his bandmate Andrew Fearn, and their manager Steve Underwood, avant-garde bedroom label owner and former bus driver, have won over fans. Christine Franz’s official documentary feature tells the story of three guys taking on the music industry on their own terms, following them on their two-year journey from Sherwood to chart success. SCREENINGS COMING UP

[good full version in the description on vimeo

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To all you homies out hustling in the streets all day, here’s a little warm summer feeling park edit in the middle of the cold and dark winter. Return to your hardworking street mentality so you can make the most of the upcoming summer. (( (( ((thebunch.s
All the Hood homies get a shout out! Everything from the filthy campas to the stinky park shapers, The Bunch would be nothing if it weren’t for all the homies in the US who let us crash at their houses, camp in their front-and backyards, show us around, sell us the good stuff, you name it. I had a blast at Hood, and everyone deserves a big thank you!
Jens and Lucas have been highly inspired by A Tribe Called Quest’s aware styles in recent years. When they finished filming for their Finess seggys in late April/early May, they took a few days to put together this edit that had been in the works for a while, complete with a Tribestyle soundtrack compiled by JNilla. – ColeGibson, Yung’s nephew, brought the style and was the final piece we needed to bring it all together!/ LSM&Jnilla Without further ado, TheBunch introduces: TRIBEcalledBUNCH! JNilla was in charge of the editing. TheBunch, Nick Meilleur, and Nick Broms are among the filmmakers who deserve special mention. A Tribe Named Quest is a big shoutout.

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As you can see, I have many Vimeo embeds, all of which are controlled by a CMS. When I do the same thing as above, it obviously freaks out because everything is looking at the first Vimeo embed. I’ve read a lot of stuff about managing the Vimeo embed using player id, but I don’t have control of the player id string in the embed without re-writing a bunch of my CMS (and also depending on the site admin to put in a player id), so hopefully I need a front-end solution.

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