The account that owns the email address you entered has been disabled

The account that owns the email address you entered has been disabled

Facebook account disabled: how to recover disabled

In the Users tab of the Admin page, as a Brand Administrator, you can build new user accounts for your license. You can also change account permissions, log in, send password reset emails, uninstall users, and transfer survey ownership among other things. The options for developing and maintaining user accounts under your license are discussed on this page.
Users can also be modified by division managers from the Users tab. Division administrators can only see and handle users in their own division, can only build new users in their own division, and cannot alter the division to which their user belongs. Aside from that, they can perform the majority of the functions listed on this page, with some exceptions noted where appropriate.

The account that owns the email address you entered has

Your favorite websites will automatically log you in. Today’s browsers remember your login information, so you can simply click and scroll. However, even after years of trouble-free logins, you can find yourself unable to log in. The message may be disturbing when an account is disabled. The way you proceed is determined by the location. If your Gmail account is disabled, for example, you’ll follow one set of steps, while a USPS account disabled message would prompt you to follow a different set of steps. And if you can have your account back right away, knowing why your account was disabled can help you keep it from happening again in the future.
If it’s a company or government account, though, it’s usually the product of too many failed login attempts in a short period of time. If your USPS account is disabled, it’s most likely because you attempted to log in six times without success. You’ll find instructions for logging back in on USPS and several other websites. It’s likely that you’ll have to wait a few moments or check your email address, but it should be a quick operation.

Fix / bypass this email address does not belong to a

Error Codes That Are Normal

Here to help: what to do if your facebook account gets

Error codes appear in the game client and illustrate why the game isn’t running properly. A brief description of the issue is accompanied by a four- or five-digit number in each letter. The first number reflects the general error that happened, while the rest of the code is helpful to the ArenaNet team as they try to figure out what’s wrong:
To start troubleshooting the problem, look up the error code’s first number in the list of codes (and their suggested solutions) below. You can also go to the official Guild Wars 2 wiki page for more information on error codes.
A general disconnect from the game server is indicated by Error 7. If the link to the game server is interrupted, whether due to an internet outage or a bug that causes the server to disconnect from the client, this will occur. More details on Error Code 7.
Error 21 is a relatively uncommon error code that appears when the game is unable to locate a game account associated with your login credentials. When attempting to enter Guild Wars with a Guild Wars 2 account or vice versa, this is often the case, and it will prevent you from playing the game. More details on Error Code 21.

How to enable facebook account after being disabled

Two-Step Verification is an additional layer of authentication that ensures you are the only one that has access to your account. When you try to log in, you’ll either get an email or a text message asking you to check your identity. When you log in, Two-Step Authentication guarantees that you are who you think you are by checking your identity in two separate ways. You don’t want to make it convenient for an unauthorized computer or mobile device to log into your account.

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