That was so awesome

That was so awesome

Everything is awesome!!! — the lego® movie — tegan and

I have a stalker because I’m so cool! This stalker follows me around at all times and never leaves my side. He knows where I am at all times of the day, and it would be an understatement to say that he is fascinated with me.
Some may accuse my son of being too “attached” and “clingy,” but these individuals fail to understand that this conduct has nothing to do with him, and all to do with me and my AWESOMENESS!
My son knew that he had a wonderful mother at a very young age, in fact, he was only a year old when he started to show signs of this understanding. Some may refer to it as separation anxiety disorder, but I tend to refer to it as the making-sure-your-fabulous-mom-is-with-you-at-all-hours-of-the-day-and-night disorder. And yes, there is such a thing; I should know because my son had it!
The condition begins about the age of 14 months, when your boy, like mine, decides he no longer wants to sleep in his crib. He likes to sleep in his baby rocker instead. Yeah, it’s the same baby rocker he outgrew a few months ago! You’re the one who’s rocking the rocker. Every. Single. Hour. Of. Every. Day. Of. Every. Week. Of. Every. Month. Of Oh, and he opens his eyes as soon as you stop rocking the rocker, just to make sure you’re still there, and as a cue for you to keep rocking him!

Shy glizzy – so awesome

“Asim,” a fair-skinned young man from Pakistan, recently moved to Los Angeles in search of happiness. His name is pronounced “Ah-Sim,” but it is often mispronounced as “Aseem” or “Awesome.” Asim has no friends or a girlfriend, so he spends his free time watching romantic Bollywood films and fantasizing about finding the love of his life. He actually works at Fair House Bank, where he makes friends with Mark and Sue, the teller and banker. Asim finds himself making new friends and doing stuff he’s never done before after a mishap at the bank. Can Asim find love and happiness in America, or will he be forced to work the 7-11 night shift?

Wow, this is so awesome! – arena of valor

There’s nothing like being a part of the underwater world for 60 minutes and then enjoying a beer with other divers from all over the world while talking about fish and slugs: “Wow, did you see the yellow ribbon eel at 35 m, that was amazing!”
Japan’s export surplus of over $100 billion in 1991 was pivotal in putting the principles of economic liberalism in question in the United States and Europe.
two last-minute Sunday additions: Stephen Nelson-Smith, a founder of the “DevOps” movement, will speak about “Next generation capacity preparation,” while Daniel Molkentin, a FrOSCon alumnus and acquaintance, will speak about “Qt. of a Devouring Fire, in cloudburst, downpour, and hailstones; My breath will be like a brimstone sea, setting fire to it, purifying and renovating you all and uniting you into One Holy People.

Why is valheim so awesome?! – early access done right

Channel Awesome, Inc. is a Lombard, Illinois-based online media production company. Mike Michaud, Mike Ellis, and Bhargav Dronamraju founded the company in 2008. The That Guy with the Glasses website (often abbreviated TGWTG) was run by Channel Awesome until late 2014, when it was absorbed into the Channel Awesome website. The web is best known for Doug Walker’s satirical film review series Nostalgia Critic.
Bar Fiesta and Blistered Thumbs were previously hosted by That Guy with the Glasses, starting in November 2009 and November 2010, respectively. Channel Awesome also has a YouTube channel with the same name, with a focus on Doug Walker and his brother Rob’s material. In April 2018, virtually all associated creators cut relations with Channel Awesome after a series of controversies. Prior to Blip’s shutdown in August 2015, all of Channel Awesome’s content was hosted on YouTube or Blip.
After being laid off from Circuit City in 2007, Mike Michaud, Mike Ellis, and Bhargav Dronamraju formed Channel Awesome. While they were still working, the three debated the concept of forming such a company, but their dismissal provided the impetus to bring their plans into motion. “If [they] hadn’t lost our employment, [the business] wouldn’t have happened anytime soon,” Michaud says. [1][2][3][4][5][6][

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