Thank you for watching in chinese

Thank you for watching in chinese

Say thank you in chinese i express gratitude i chinese

In everyday life, saying thank you in Chinese is as important as saying hello, and it’s a must-have in your Survival Chinese toolkit. Thank you in Chinese is a basic word you’ll find yourself using all the time, whether you’re traveling to China or living there.
is one of the first Chinese words to learn to express gratitude. But did you know there are a slew of other ways to convey gratitude in Chinese? Let’s start with the most simple ways to say thank you in Chinese and then move on to three more ways to express gratitude in Chinese.
It’s good to note that the Chinese don’t use a lot of compared to other cultures. That is why you do not often hear them express gratitude. It’s not that they’re rude; rather, it’s a cultural thing.
In China, saying thank you may make people uncomfortable because it creates a barrier between the speaker and the receiver, which they don’t want to do, particularly if they’re near. Chinese people simply do not want to be separated from one another. Being respectful entails shortening social distances.

3 ways to say thank you in chinese

You wouldn’t say a passive “thank you” to your business partner if they gave you an extremely generous gift in your native language, and you certainly wouldn’t exaggerate gratitude when someone passes you the salt at dinner.
Plus, adding these new phrases to your vocabulary and cultural experience is a perfect way to expand your horizons. You’ve taken an important step toward Mandarin Chinese fluency when you know more than just!
A native Mandarin speaker will usually recognize that you are unfamiliar with such language quirks and will understand if you don’t say exactly what you mean. But what good is learning a language if you aren’t prepared to master fluency in all of its forms?
When receiving a compliment, this term loosely translates to “you flatter me” or “you’re too kind.” Humbleness is an important aspect of Chinese culture. If you’ve recently got a flirtatious compliment from someone you like or been praised by your manager for your hard work, is an acceptable response.

How to say thank you in chinese – useful chinese for

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3 ways to say thank you in cantonese

When Bob and I visit a city where the locals do not speak English, we try to communicate with them in their native tongue (even if we butcher it sometimes). The initiative seems to go a long way toward showing respect and making a stranger feel welcome. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve said merci or gracias to a local and been greeted with a friendly smile (or directions and advice). Committing to a simple understanding of a foreign language is a fantastic, cost-free travel tool.
Is there a special way to show appreciation in your home country? When we thanked people in Australia, they said No Worries or Easy As whenever we thanked them. Locals in my hometown of St. Augustine are likely to say, “Thanks, y’all.” Do you have any recommendations for additions to the list? Please let us know in the comments section below!
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