Tether phone to ps3

Tether phone to ps3

Secret to getting online on ps3, by using phone (no

PDANet allows users to use their Smartphone to connect to the Internet and connect to a device. The software is available in Android, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, iPhone, and BlackBerry OS models. Tethering is prohibited on certain carriers’ computers. Users may use PDANet to tether their phones without having to root or jailbreak them. After the device is linked to the internet through the phone, you can use Windows’ Internet Link Sharing feature to share the connection with a PS3.

Connect sony playstation ps3 to samsung galaxy s4 wi-fi

I was only curious if anyone knows how much data the PS3 network absorbs (both download and upload) while playing games online. I’m moving to a condo in downtown Toronto in a few days, but I’m not sure if I want to bring my internet with me or get anything different. My building doesn’t have cable yet, but I’m told it will be in a month thanks to Teksavvy. Acanac, my new supplier, says 90 days.
So, on a per-hour basis, how much data does playing Call of Duty: Black Ops consume? Since I have a 6GB data plan, I’m considering tethering the PS3 to my mobile in order to get online. Also, my smartphone has a real-time download and upload speed of 1-2 megabits per second…maybe more (maybe less) at the condo, and I’ve been using 5 megabits per second at home, but I’m not sure what the real-time speed is there. Is that going to be fast enough?
I finally had the opportunity to connect my machine and PS3 to my phone via wifi to play some Black Ops TDM on Sunday morning, and it worked fantastically!! In game, my link was 3 out of 4 bars, and there was no lag at all!! I was completely taken aback!! The relation was of the highest possible quality! I used about 50-60 MB of data in an hour. But the thing is, I was still browsing the internet for half an hour before that on Craigslist, Futureshop, and Bestbuy, so I’m sure that led to the intake.

How to tether samsung galaxy s3 to laptop / ps3 / xbox

The novelty of the Apple iPhone, we thought, must have worn off by now. We were mistaken. It could get better than Shazam and TapTapRevolution. This little brick of wonder continues to amaze almost two years after its debut. The iPhone is the most useful smartphone, also with the AppStore…more
If you’ve ever wanted to tether your iPhone but find your carrier’s rates to be exorbitant, HANDYLIGHT is the app for you. This $0.99 iPhone app has a neat feature hidden within it. It will allow you to use your iPhone to connect to the internet (i.e. tether). There’s no guarantee that this app will work for you…
This video shows how to tether an iPhone 3G in Windows Vista so you can use the internet link on your own device! Send us an email if you need assistance, have a question, or want to request a tutorial. yahoo.com/iphonehacking Do not use zicrap (also known as ziphone).
This is a video tutorial of how to connect your iPhone 3G to a Mac laptop so that you can browse the web on the laptop using the 3G network. This is against AT&T’s rules, so proceed with caution. This is in place of Apple’s or ATT’s NetShare app, which is regularly withdrawn. This l…read more

Wifi tether connected via ps3

How to Attach an Android Device to a PlayStation 3

How to tether your android to your ps3

Android phones are more than just phones that can make and receive calls and texts; they also have a number of other features. You can use them as portable media players to play games, listen to music, watch videos, download content from the internet, view images, and do a lot more. In light of these features, this article will demonstrate how to connect your Android phone to your PlayStation. The PlayStation 3 (PS3) device is compatible with all Android phones. Imagine your Android phone’s entire features displayed on a large screen. This article will show you how to sync your Android device and PS3 system by adjusting the settings on both devices. How to Move Files from an Android Phone to a PlayStation 3 The steps for having a PlayStation console to recognize an Android device are listed below.

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