Tech support gore reddit

Tech support gore reddit

Tech support gore

IT Support is the one person that any workplace requires. Without those stories, life will be a lot more difficult. And, despite our proclivity to stereotype them and complain about their operation, it’s difficult not to feel sorry for them. That’s why we think you should see these videos. If you think your coworkers are terrible, this will show you just how bad things can get…
The tech-support team has seen it all: shattered glass, faulty appliances, spilled cabling, and everything else you can think of. The subreddit is called r/techsupportgore, and one of its moderators, Coffeechipmunk, has been sharing some of the horrors he’s seen on the web.
“A lot of the content on the subreddit does very well, with the exception of people requesting real tech help, who are routed to the proper subreddit. Broken screens and slightly twisted wires tend to be the latest posts that don’t strike too hard for real tech support gore.”

R/techsupportgore r/softwaregore and r/hardwaregore

Many people believe that tech support personnel have it simple because all they have to do is tell people to restart their machines or assist them in recovering forgotten passwords. However, the truth is that they deal with a wide variety of bizarre and unusual circumstances on the job, and some of them can surprise you.
People working in tech support are posting the worst things they’ve seen on the job to the TechSupportGore subreddit, and it’s mind-boggling to see how incompatible certain people are with technology. Check it out in the gallery below, and if you’re interested in learning more, check out our previous post here! Continue reading #7 Lemonade should not be used to disinfect your mouse. I wanted the acidity to dissolve the crumb and cheeto grease buildup, but it instead attracted these ants. I went away for two days only to return to find this on my desk.

Exploring reddit season 5 episode 15:r/pbsod

r/engineeringporn isn’t the most focused subreddit, but it’s chock-full of goodies for people who enjoy looking inside things and learning how things work. It’s a smorgasbord, so everything is fantastic.
Meet r/goofy DIY’s and self-effacing younger brother. It’s a combination of bad MacGyver impersonations and comments about showering with a perforated beer can. r/shittyDIY is also a strong sub, but it’s far less involved.
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