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The majority of tattoo shop owners are also tattoo artists. Since there are so many steps to running a successful store, most owners employ a studio manager to handle the day-to-day activities. Do you want to learn how to run a tattoo parlor? Modern Electric’s boss is Karen Talbot. Until now, her role has been critical to the studio’s success.
She had to decide how she wanted things done before she could become the tattoo studio manager.
Normally, the studio manager is expected to meet with the owner to decide how things can be handled. However, since Karen is also the owner, this was a much easier move. She was also familiar with the protocols to be followed, as well as the unique specifications of each tattoo artist and all of the regulations the studio must adhere to in order to run the business effectively.
The studio manager’s job is to provide support to the team and to act as a point of contact for the client and the artist.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a small tattoo shop that only needs one or two of these positions. Alternatively, a large tattoo studio that needs several people in each creative and resource management field.

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With many years of customer service experience, I am a committed and hard worker. I’m searching for part-time work that will allow me to accommodate my three children and their school schedules. With the prospect of full-time employment in February.
This is a true resume for a Shop Manager with experience working for Moko Fusion Tattoo, Kmart, and Leigh Jones Orthodontics in CONCHO, Oklahoma. This is one of the hundreds of free Shop Manager resumes on our website. Use these resumes as a guide to help you write the best Shop Manager resume possible.

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Krista is a Grand Junction native who enjoys being in the city.

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For more than a decade, she has worked in the customer support and management industries.

¿qué hace un manager de un estudio de tatuaje?

Krista considers being a part of the tattoo and art world to be ridiculously enjoyable.

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She loves assisting clients in locating artists and watching the transformation of an idea on paper into an actual tattoo. Her favorite aspect of the job is seeing a customer leave the studio with their hopes met. Krista organizes plans, keeps the shop running, supports the designers, and helps adjust dressings. Her main aim is to make sure that every single guest has a great time from beginning to end!

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Mad Ink owner Mario Perez told his followers in a video posted to his personal Instagram account Monday that he had fired his tattoo shop’s manager, Troy Francis, for “gay shit” behavior.
Supposedly firing anyone because of their sexual orientation may have been a possible breach of the Ontario Human Rights Code, but it appears that this is a moot point now that Francis claims to be a straight guy.
Despite its abundance of tattoo shops, Toronto and mainstream tattoo culture as a whole lacks safe spaces for queer clients, though there are places like Speakeasy Tattoo and the Tapestry Tattoo Collective on Dupont, which could close by the end of the month as well.

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