Target hamburger press

Target hamburger press

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It’s exciting to move into a house with your own kitchen, until you know you have to stock it. And if your parents send you a spare spatula or knife that they don’t use at home, you will need to learn the fundamentals.
Secondhand stores like Goodwill are perfect for getting the basics at a low price, but you shouldn’t just stop there. There are a plethora of tools and gadgets designed to make cooking easier, and Target is where you’ll find them. Here are the 17 most entertaining, useful, or bizarre kitchen gadgets available at Target.
It’s time to up the recycling game — and it’ll just cost you $9.99. This can crusher does just as it says on the tin: it reduces the amount of room in your recycling bin. Plus, I’m sure smashing cans at the end of a long, exhausting day is extremely satisfying.
Hamburgers are one of my favorite foods. Burgers made with turkey. Burgers made entirely of vegetables. Burgers made with salmon. Burgers have come a long way since they were just beef patties, and they’re all great for meal prep and freezing. Invest in a press to save time and effort. This one will set you back $17.99.

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«In terms of sales volume, Yutong is the world’s first bus maker. Yutong has a 34 percent share of the Chinese market. During a press conference held at Busworld, Ms. Jiang Bing, Vice Brand Director of Yutong Group, said, “We have a market share of 15% in the world.”
Yutong unveiled an electric bus planned especially for the European market in Brussels. Yutong U12 is a 12-meter bus that is the result of extensive design work. Coach Yutong T13 continues to have Europe as his primary focus.
Chile, Mexico, France, Bulgaria, and a number of other countries have received new energy buses from the Chinese company. Yutong has sold more than 120,000 new energy buses to date. They’re in 380 cities around the world.
Full (or pure) electric buses, plugin hybrid buses, and fuel cell buses are all included in China’s concept of “new energy buses.” Pure electric buses account for more than 80% of the market share of city buses in China, owing to the country’s policy orientation (which aims to fully electrify public transportation systems).

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