T shirt vendor display

T shirt vendor display

How to set up a vendor table – display ideas

At the Cooper Young Festival in Memphis, Tennessee, in the fall of 2012, we had our first encounter as an art vendor. We’ve added a couple more shows to our resume over the years, and we’ve done a lot of trial and error with our vendor booth layout and setup. We’ve learned a lot from our own experiences as well as searching for ideas from other vendors.
We’ll share our top 16 ideas for selling at art festivals, craft fairs, and indie markets with you today. These suggestions can be divided into three categories: Signage/Décor, Booth Display, and, most importantly, Branding
Our vendor booth is all set up before we even arrive at an art festival. To help speed up the set up time, we measure all of our display pieces (shelves, tables, etc.) and configure the room. Furthermore, not all shows offer the same booth size options (because that would just be too easy). Our Cooper Young booth was 10′ x 15′ this year, while some of our holiday shows featured 6′ x 8′ spaces to a 10′ x 20′ double booth. It’s easier to know what will and won’t work in the allocated room if you set everything out beforehand. After we’ve measured it, we use Adobe Illustrator to map out the booth space to scale. We print copies to take with us during setup and email ourselves a copy in case we misplace the paper copies (it happens).

Vendor booth tips i wish i knew before displaying at a trade

Clothing racks in the waterfall style are easy to navigate and allow you to hang a lot of clothes in a small room.

How can i set up an inexpensive booth display

Another alternative is to use gridwalls. They’re lightweight, provide plenty of room for customers to walk around your booth, and can be customized with a variety of hooks and accessories to show your work in a variety of ways. Alternatively, you might hang a few rods from your tent frame and use them to hang your clothes for a very low cost. You may also show one or two of your most unique pieces on a dress type, or simply hang a few items on a clothesline for a fun casual look, or from your tent frame to highlight your most eye-catching items.
When shown on a mannequin, the beautiful handmade dress seen below and on the left becomes the focal point of the booth.
Displaying a unique item on a mannequin is a simple way to draw attention to it while still allowing consumers to envision themselves wearing it.
As seen in the picture below and on the right, a dressmaker’s form is a nice alternative to a store mannequin. It suits your booth’s handmade tale, and if you design and create handmade clothing, you might already have a dressmaker’s type, so you may not need to purchase this extra item for your show.

Vendor booth tips that no one tells you

For those in direct sales, trade shows and other vendor activities are a given. They allow you to meet customers face to face, allowing you to form personal relationships and build a rapport. Vendor events are a great way to personalize your brand, help create awareness, and generate sales leads in a world where an increasing number of sales transactions take place anonymously by online merchants. They’re one of the most powerful networking options you’ll come across. You can also stealthily assess the competition, which is an added benefit.
The vendor booth is the beating heart of any case. It’s a fantastic way to promote your business and attract new customers. Making a schedule for your booth ahead of time will help you optimize its effectiveness and avoid last-minute surprises.
If you’re attending an event where you can pick your place, sign up as soon as possible. Some places are better than others; if you can locate one near the entrance, your booth will be one of the first things visitors see. A central location is also a good option, as many people like to do a few laps before making a purchase. Try to stay away from less-than-ideal locations (areas with minimal traffic, poor lighting, or near restrooms).

T-shirt shop display set-up

Thank you for supporting the Winter Jamboree as a Sponsor and/or Vendor! As you can see, there are a variety of ways for you to contribute to our Case. You may choose to be a Silver Sponsor, a Vendor (with a booth), or a Trail Sponsor, for example. Others can choose to simply register for the Vendor booth. Click HERE to begin the registration process once you’ve decided on your level of participation. You can EMAIL our Vendor/Sponsor coordinator if you have any questions.
The public is welcome to visit the vendor show areas on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings. Attendees are issued a “bingo” card with black and white logos for each vendor during the Vendor Show on Friday. The vendor will place their colored logo sticker over the corresponding black and white logo as the attendee visits each booth. The attendee will drop the card into a bin until all of the logos on the card have colored stickers on them (“blacked out”). Cards will be drawn at 7 p.m. on Friday for a minimum of three winners (more winners may be added if suitable merchandise is donated by vendors). This operation will ensure that each vendor’s booth receives traffic. High-end pieces will be awarded as prizes.

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