Synology connection failed please check your network settings

Synology connection failed please check your network settings

Can’t access synology nas tip

I’m trying to set up a Synology DS713+ unit for the first time. I use to locate it on the network, then press connect, but I still get a message that says “connection failed, please check your network settings.”
I started setting these up last year, but got sidetracked by other tasks, so I’m not sure if I actually installed the second one, despite the fact that it shows as not installed on Synology Web Assistant, which I thought I had started.
Continuing, the Synology assistant’s “link failed” error is a network configuration error. I’ve tried both auto and manual ip address configurations. While my router “sees” the NAS, I am unable to ping it. Owing to a lighting strike, the entire device is in recovery mode. The router and switch were both lost. Replacements were on hand, but they were usually older models. Except for my two DS415+ modules, I now have access to everything.
By removing one of the drives, I was able to address the issue of not being able to log into the Diskstation. The indicator light on this drive was slowly flickering, while the others were solid. After removing the disk, the device began to beep, and I was able to log back in. When I reinstalled the drive, it was recognized as a new disk, but when fixing the RAID, it would get stuck on re-initializing. I searched through the logs and found that the same drive had been showing I/O errors for several days. Replaced with a new drive, which is now operational.

How to set up a dns server on a synology nas

I finally had a few moments to test out the mixed-environment Synology backup workflow that I’d been wanting to try, but I needed to make some fast changes to some boxes that I hadn’t used in a while. I had no idea I’d have to reschedule it once again.
[2017.06.13 update. For this exercise, I’ll assume your Synology is linked to a router/switch rather than being directly connected to a device. If you connect the Synology to a device that isn’t running DHCP, you’ll get a 169.254.X.Y address, which means it won’t connect to the Internet and these instructions won’t work.]
Yeah, indeed. “Connection failed,” says the bad. The error “Please check your Internet Connection” is shown. Many a poor soul has been perplexed by this problem. According to legend, the Ancient Mayans are the only ones who have successfully overcome this devilish dilemma, as they were also able to count to 2012 and start over without fearing the end of the world.
If it isn’t already visible, go to the control panel (that’s the icon I showed above). Then you’ll want to search for the “Network” button. It resembles a small house perched on top of a sewer line (which, if you know anything about networking, is entirely appropriate):

How to reset your synology nas | synology

Using Jun’s 1.03b loader, I felt I had successfully upgraded from DSM 5.x to DSM 6.2. All seemed to be in order. Then, after initially appearing, the file manager vanished. Now I’m unable to access my files. All is fine, according to Storage Manager. It also reveals how much room I’ve used and how much space I have left.
Then I saw a notification for an upgrade. Connection failed when I clicked on Update & Restore. Please verify that your Internet connection is working properly. I went to Network and found that Server Name, Default Gateway, and DNS are all null. If you have any suggestions?

Synology quickconnect – you should be using this!

The error message Link failed appears when I select sections such as Utilities, Protection, Backup, or even Community. After a long period of “Loading…” turning wheel, please check your network settings.
It happened to me as well. It switches to DHCP and updates its IP address after the update. You’ll find the computer in the list of DHCP reservations if you search your DHCP reservations. Connect to the web interface on that new IP and change the DNS reserved IP to the one you’ve been using previously.
My circumstance was a little different. I had installed the DNS kit, but after an OS update, the DNS was disabled. Under Network / General / Preferred DNS server, I had (stupidly) pointed the Synology configuration to the Synology DNS, not the external DNS. The connectivity issue was triggered by the Synology DNS being down (even though the network interfaces themselves pointed to the external DNS).

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