Summer kindergarten readiness program

Summer kindergarten readiness program

Goodstart early learning kindergarten and preschool program

EAST BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY – The Community Services Department of the East Brunswick Public School District is once again providing summer Kindergarten Readiness Academy and Summer Early Learning Academy programs to all East Brunswick residents as well as those in the surrounding areas.
The Kindergarten Readiness Academy is structured to provide students entering kindergarten with high-quality programming in the months leading up to their first day of school. Participants will receive a head start in kindergarten by participating in this program, which will concentrate on critical kindergarten readiness skills. The East Brunswick Kindergarten program is compatible with these basic kindergarten skills. In addition, our software allows us to provide children’s kindergarten teachers with detailed transition information.
Summer Early Learning Academy will include a fun-filled summer care program for children aged 3 and 4 who will not be starting Kindergarten in September 2020. The activities and themes are created to help children improve their social and cognitive skills. Both initiatives will also focus on closing the learning gap that exists during the summer months, according to analysis. They will provide a summer of fun for your kids, including Science, Carnival, Olympic, and Ocean-themed weeks, among other things.

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6 May 2020, Salt Lake City, UT –

Adventures bound, a national early education charity dedicated to universal literacy through equity, access, and parent empowerment, announced today a $9 million investment to launch the Waterford Upstart Summer Learning Path in nine states.
Waterford Upstart, the flagship at-home kindergarten preparation program from, will be used in Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Ohio, and Texas. The investment will provide 15,000 children and their families with a standards-aligned kindergarten readiness program, preparing them for kindergarten in Fall 2020. The website is now open for registration. For all expansion nations, the program will begin on June 1st and will be open to all participating families.
The typical Waterford Upstart graduate enters kindergarten reading at a pace similar to that of a first-grader. About 2.2 million four-year-old children in the United States are unable to attend site-based preschool per year for a number of factors, including expense and transportation.’s Waterford Upstart initiative aims to close the educational gaps.

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The move from preschool to elementary school is one of the most difficult aspects of a young child’s life. The conclusion of an age and the beginning of their relationship with learning are marked by the arrival of summer. For your kids, several aspects of kindergarten are unfamiliar. The school is larger, and there is more time spent sitting at a table, focusing on letters and numbers, handwriting, listening, and a lot more structure. The days are longer, and more freedom is often needed.
Every summer, Child Success Center provides Kindergarten Enrichment Camp to help kids prepare for their new challenges in Kindergarten. The camp not only educates and trains children for kindergarten, but it also ensures that they have a good time! Presented as a 3-week curriculum (individual weeks are available if campers are not present for the full 3 weeks), campers can spend over 20 hours a week in small groups participating in activities designed to help them build the skills required to succeed in kindergarten. The curriculum assists children in gaining interest as they begin to read, write, follow a new routine, develop social-emotional skills, be aware of themselves and others, and make new friends. Swings, a trampoline, a climbing wall, and monkey bars have been added to CSC’s massive gymnasium, which has been transformed into a fun learning camp with swings, a trampoline, a climbing wall, and monkey bars to take children on an adventure while honing their kindergarten skills.

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Children who have never attended preschool should not know how to share or wait in line when they enter kindergarten. Many people struggle with figures, forms, and colors.
The four-week Summer Pre-K camp, which is held at many schools in East and West Oakland, includes free breakfast and lunch, as well as parent and teacher seminars, home visits, and dental screenings. The non-profit organizations First 5 Alameda County and Oakland Fund for Children and Youth provide financial assistance.
As the academic standards for kindergarten rise, the initiative is part of a renewed push across California to ensure that children without preschool experience do not fall behind.
Early learning proponents argue that it is important for a child’s performance in later grades, and that evidence shows that noticeable ability differences frequently arise before kindergarten.
Many of the children in the program have a home language that is not English. More than a dozen of the children are from immigrant and low-income backgrounds, which advocates believe are most at risk of falling behind in school if they do not have access to high-quality childcare or early education.

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