Student lap tracker

Student lap tracker

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Our student lap tracking system saves you hours of boring data entry by automating data collection. Simply use our free app to search the student’s ID tag. Laps are uploaded automatically, badges are awarded, and reports are available. The Group Start feature records all of your runners’ mile and split times. Real-time updates are made to electronic student papers. We have plans that are affordable for the classroom, after-school run club, or whole district. If you’d rather use kilometers, that’s fine, too!
The 30-day free trial is just that: free. There is no credit card necessary, and you have full access to all features. We’ll also add up to 1000 runners to your account free of charge. Don’t worry about losing your trial data and settings; they’ll follow you if you update.
The runner’s data is accessed via email using a secure key that expires after 30 days. We offer your users direct access to the report rather than asking them to create yet another login/password. This also saves you time by allowing you to connect with parents and volunteers without having to deal with login/password issues.


Students (and their families!) are welcome! Run laps around the McKinley track every morning from 8:05-8:20 a.m. (ends around 8:20 a.m., or when the first bell rings). You are welcome to visit every day or once a month – whenever you want!
With the “student lap tracker” device, a group of parent volunteers supervise and monitor laps. Person scores are shown on our recess equipment’s large metal crate. It’s never too late to get involved!
McKinley’s Running Club provides prizes and scholarships to students! During Physical Education class, a small foot token will be given to each student who runs 10 miles. Ms. Tennies visits each class once a week and keeps an updated list so that the awards can be distributed on a weekly basis.

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If you’re recording laps or miles with popsicle sticks or barcode scanners, keep doing what you’re doing. Take advantage of our built-in metrics and reporting capabilities by entering your laps or miles data in one of four ways.
There is no software to download; the program is completely web-based. With an internet connection and your preferred web browser, you can login at any time and from anywhere. We can quickly implement software upgrades that all subscribers can benefit from.
Don’t waste hours managing your running schedule with log books or spreadsheets. Track the Miles is easy and intuitive to use, but it has a lot of power for tracking progress by community or person. Manage incentive schemes, verify eligibility, and monitor the distribution of achievement rewards.
We met with experts and are honored to be endorsed by the 100 Mile Club®, a well-established reward program used by thousands of schools throughout the United States. There are several unique features that can help 100 Mile Club® schools manage their program and growth.

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LapTrackerTK is a full-featured lap counter for RC cars. Multiple cars can be tracked at the same time, with lap count, lap time, Fast Time, MPH or KMH, and Fast MPH or KMH displayed. The laps of individual racers are saved, as well as the results of each race. A DIY Transponder device for under $10 was posted in the wiki.
Project managers, business planners, conference planners, and non-profits can all collaborate and handle thousands of specifics in one location with our event management software. Attendees, budgets, timelines, assignments, floor plans, registrations / ticketing, correspondence, and more are all part of this.

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