Stream clean code yellow

Stream clean code yellow

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The statement. According to the website for Stream Clean carpet cleaner, eliminating stains and odors, including those from pets, includes “no bending and no scrubbing.” “All you have to do is point and stream, and your carpet will be clean!” Two 15-ounce cans and a mini black light that makes stains “easy to find!” cost $10 plus $16 shipping.
The cashier’s check We ruined the light-colored carpet by staining it with red wine, coffee, tomato sauce, French dressing, and permanent marker. We compared Stream Clean to Bissell OxyPro, our top-rated stain remover, which costs about $7 for a 14-ounce can. We also allowed two of our employees’ dogs to make their own stains by putting carpet underneath them at the appropriate times. We compared Stream Clean to Bissell OxyPro Pet for those stains. We checked the items right after the stain happened and 24 hours later after a duplicate stain had gone untreated. We also used the black light to see if it could detect stains.
In conclusion. Kinda-Clean is being streamed. Just one stain, permanent marker, was won by Stream Clean over OxyPro. Even after the prescribed blotting—which, by the way, needed bending—it removed the color of all the stains but left a noticeable residue. Stream Clean and Bissell OxyPro Pet both minimized or obscured the odor of pet urine, according to two expert sniffers, but Stream Clean left more noticeable traces. And, although the black light showed food stains, it didn’t show pet stains, which can be difficult to detect after they happen. A black light from one of our laboratories worked well.

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With today’s order, purchase one can of Stream CleanTM and receive a second can for free. Animal stains and odors can be washed without bending or scrubbing. A new pet stain remover is now available as a buy one, get one free deal. There’s also a free bonus!
Simply point and stream to clean your carpet! Stream CleanTM penetrates stains and odors, eliminating any signs of the mess with enzyme action, so pets don’t re-mark and re-spray. It’s safe for you and your pets, and it leaves no sticky residue! It’s also not there for pet messes! Clean a red wine stain or other messes with Stream CleanTM! Your stains are no longer fresh, aged, or set-in. Plus, stains are easy to find with your bonus mini-black light!

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1. Before returning any object, you must obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. RMAs are only available upon request and are only valid for a single product and order. Please include the product you’d like to return, as well as the order number, date, and reason for return.
2. After receiving an RMA#, you can return the product to us at your own expense. A collect or C.O.D. return will not be accepted. We will give you a substitute at no cost to you (applicable within the continental USA only). If the item is returned for a refund, the shipping and storage fees will not be refunded; only the item’s expense will be refunded. On export orders, all sales are final.
5. All returns must be sent to the address given when an RMA number is requested. Not all goods are shipped from the same address, and products that are returned to the incorrect location are not eligible for a refund.
The majority of orders are delivered the same day or the next day by UPS or USPS. For foreign and P.O. BOX customers, US Mail is the best choice. We use UPS field delivery as well as US Priority Mail. Shipping times can vary depending on the location of the shipment.

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The Solution to the Worst Pet Stains is Stream CleanTM. The triple enzyme activity of Stream CleanTM with Code Yellow Pet Spray eliminates deep-set pet stains and odors. Simply point Stream CleanTM at new or old stains, then spray to remove odors and preserve the color of your carpet. There will be no more bending or scrubbing! Stream CleanTM also eliminates stains from dirt, food, coffee, and even red wine, making it easy to maintain sterile carpeting. Aerosols cannot be transported by air.

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