Step up 2 full movie youtube

Step up 2 full movie youtube


Andie West, a teen, is living with her mother’s best friend, Sarah, after her parents died. Andie, who is uninterested in education, is attempting to find her place in the world. Her only passion is dancing with her street gang, the 410, which is headed by Tuck. The 410 is the most infamous of Baltimore’s street crews, and police are looking for them for vandalism and public mischief. Sarah threatens to send Andie to live with relatives in Texas unless she cleans up her act, which involves cutting ties with the 410 and putting in more effort in school. Tyler Gage, Andie’s next-door neighbor, persuades him to apply for the Maryland School of the Arts (MSA), an organization that ultimately changed his life for the better. Andie gets through the audition, but she’s not sure she’ll fit in. Blake Collins, the school’s director, isn’t sure she belongs there either. Blake is a fantastic dancer, but he seeks adherence to his style. After you’ve learned…

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Duane Adler produced the Step Up multi-media franchise, which is an American romantic dance film. There are five films in the franchise, as well as a television program. Critics have generally given the series mixed reviews. It has amassed a total of $650 million in sales.
After vandalizing a performing arts school, Tyler Gage (Channing Tatum) is given the chance of a lifetime to win a scholarship and dance with Nora Clark, an up-and-coming dancer (Jenna Dewan).
A group of flash mob dancers led by Sean (Ryan Guzman) and Emily (Kathryn McCormick), the daughter of a hotel tycoon, try to save a Miami strip inhabited by a tight-knit community from being turned into hotels.
Step Up: Year of the Dance is a Chinese film directed by Ron Yuan that was released in 2019. Youth from Beijing’s various social groups come together to form China’s best dance crew and learn what it means to be a family.
On January 31, 2018, YouTube Red, now YouTube Premium, launched the television series Step Up (also known as Step Up: High Water in the first two seasons).
[1] YouTube revealed on May 22, 2018, that the series had been renewed for a second season.
[two] On March 20, 2019, the second season premiered. [three]


Since her mother died of cancer and she was left in the care of her mother’s friend Sarah, Andie (Briana Evigan) has been in trouble (Sonja Sohn).


Andie enjoys dancing and has joined the 410, a street dance crew that enjoys causing a public nuisance. Sarah decides that she can no longer deal with the rebellious adolescent and sends her to her aunt in Texas. Sarah offers Andie a second chance when she is offered a spot at the prestigious Maryland School of Arts (MSA). Andie’s school schedule conflicts with her 410 crew workout times, so she is kicked off. Tuck, the crew chief, scorns her at the same time (Black Thomas). Andie then forms a new crew of members from the dance school. Chase Collins (Robert Hoffman), the younger brother of school director Blake Collins, is one of them (Will Kemp). Blake prohibits any of the students from doing street dancing, but they disobey him and earn the admiration of other street dancers as a result.

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