St math progress chart

St math progress chart

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In my class, JiJi the penguin is a celebrity. JiJi is the subject of several stories at the writing center, and she is often mentioned as something for which students are grateful at Thanksgiving.
I’ve experimented with various systems for monitoring data and inspiring students to take control of their ST Math success over the years. The most critical component of all of my systems has been a Friday data talk in class.
For the past four years, I’ve been using ST Math with kindergartners, and each class has learned to evaluate data and set goals to work toward.
Looking at the total class data is often the first step in every data discussion. We look at the total number of students in each class and how many of them are struggling. We address how our aim is to hit 100% by the end of the year so that we are prepared for first grade.
Then we delve through the details of each individual data point. We celebrate achievement by revealing where each student is in the curriculum. On the wall tracker, we switch each student’s individual JiJi. I had an amazing JiJi one year where we wrote down the students who had improved the most that week.

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ST Maths is a web-based visual maths curriculum that uses rigorous learning and innovative problem solving to help primary students gain a deep conceptual understanding of math. ST Maths’ goal is to ensure that all students have the mathematical skills required to solve the world’s most difficult problems.
ST Maths is a mastery-based program, which means students must pass each level with a perfect score (all puzzles correctly solved) before moving on to the next level in the series. Each student embarks on their own unique path to mastery, taking as long as they need. This means that students are laying a solid logical basis and illustrating it.
In ST Maths, taking action is crucial, and making mistakes is a great way to learn. Animated insightful feedback provides students with an inherently inspiring learning experience by illustrating the mathematical implications of and response. Students don’t just guess at multiple choice questions or, even worse, get a question wrong and then wonder why.

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Yeah, indeed! For Chromebooks, PCs, and Macs, the new version of ST Math includes the latest version of Flash Player. The new ST Math, which will be released in the summer of 2020, will not include the use of the Flash Player plug-in.
Only schools, school districts, and homeschool families in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand can buy ST Math at this time. In the event that the software becomes available for international use in the future, we will gladly keep your details on file: Please get in touch with sales.
Thank you for your curiosity in telling us about your students’ ST Math experiences! You can express and support our organization’s goal to ensure that all students are mathematically trained to solve the world’s most complex problems in a number of ways. Here are a few possibilities:
Yeah, indeed! Until June 30, 2021, you can use the award-winning, proprietary ST Math solution at home for free. You can choose whether or not to buy an annual subscription to ST Math at the end of that period; we will not collect your payment details or charge you automatically. Now is the time to gain entry.

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During the 2016-17 school year, a group of Proving Ground partner districts and charter management organizations partnered to evaluate a technique that provided teachers with data on their students’ average ST Math use (in minutes) relative to students in other classes at the same school. We discovered that teachers who received emails showing below-average use in their classrooms increased the amount of time their students spent on the app by around 12%. We were unable to find any evidence of the knowledge technique having an impact on test scores.
ST Math is a software application for elementary and middle school students that seeks to improve their math learning and achievement. In the spring of 2016, we investigated the adoption and effect of ST Math in the Proving Ground network’s 13 education agencies. Partners agreed to test a knowledge strategy with teachers based on the following evidence:
Important increases in math test scores were related to increased use of ST Math. On state accountability assessments, students who increased their weekly use of ST Math gained 0.04 standard deviations (SDs), which is equal to around 1.3 months of learning.

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