Spark in other languages

Spark in other languages

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English, German, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese are currently supported by Spark. Spark’s display language is determined by the language chosen in your device’s settings: if your device’s language is German, Spark will be shown in German as well. Note: If your device’s language isn’t supported by Spark, it falls back to the next supported language specified in the system language preferences. Spark will be shown in English if your computer language is Hindi and English is the second on the list.

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English is a language that is used to Greece is a country in Greece. Esperanto is a lingua franca that the Chinese (s) Luxembourgish is a Luxembourgish dialect. Interlingua is a lingua franca that Arabic is a language that is spoken in Visayan is a Visayan dialect. Indonesian is a country in Indonesia. Spanish is a language that is spoken in Papiamento Russo Dutch is a country in the Netherlands. Portuguese is a language spoken in Portugal. Norwegian is a country in Norway. Thai Vietnamese Turkish Italicized Romanian is a Romanian language. Catalan is a language spoken in Catalonia. Polskie French is the official language of France. Bulgarian is a language spoken in Bulgaria. Croatians are Croatians. German is a German language. Danish is a country in Denmark. Persia is a Persian language Hmong is a Hmong ethnic group. Hungarian (Hungarian) Serbs are from Serbia. Albanians are Albanians. Mongolian is a Mongolian language. Urdu in Swedish Ukrainian Slovak
More information can be found at… The University of Reading’s student newspaper is called The Spark. It is published monthly (previously fortnightly) throughout the academic year, and as of June 2011, it had reached Volume 57 Issue 3, following a trend of increasing the volume number with each new academic term. It is available in a paper version that is distributed across the University’s residence halls, academic buildings, and administrative buildings. The current editorial staff is redeveloping the newspaper’s website in order to upload the paper in a digital format to include web-exclusive content in order to increase volunteer opportunities. The newspaper is laid out in a typical newspaper format, with the front section dedicated to current events, especially those affecting University students.

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For young learners, the Language Spark’s groundbreaking program is now accessible online. Learn Spanish in context with target vocabulary by exploring various themes ranging from Community Helpers to Insects.
Spanish in the Classroom
The Language Spark is a fun way to learn Spanish. Our cutting-edge Spanish immersion classes include sports, hands-on instruction, animations, songs, and more to help young students connect with the language.
We want your child to hear, tell, and practice the vocabulary words and phrases associated with each theme. This vocabulary is presented as a slideshow in each theme, with audio and visual elements. The goal vocabulary is then used in the rest of the theme’s elements.
Each theme’s new language is introduced in our learning videos. We use gestures (similar to sign language) when saying each target word to trigger your learner’s bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. In our videos, your child will be asked to say and act out the target vocabulary in Spanish.

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Scratch launched a whole new exciting wave of programming in May 2007. Scratch sparked the creation of a slew of other languages. Prior to 2007, almost every programming language was entirely text-based and needed syntax, which is still the case for the majority of languages today, but children had no means of understanding or being interested in the complexities. Scratch was novel and revolutionary since it was designed for a younger audience who would be exposed to computer science for the first time. Scratch has influenced millions of people and has dramatically changed many people’s lives for the better since its release and rise in popularity.
Many young people have become involved in coding in the seven years since the introduction of Scratch 1.0, and many new languages have emerged as a direct result of Scratch. The picture below depicts some of the languages that have developed from Scratch:
Scratch has given each member of the Scratch Team a job. Scratch Team members are compensated for their efforts, and the money allows them to live comfortably. Though it is a small team, the Scratch Team has had a large number of participants over the years since its inception. Since they had to develop the software first, the Scratch Team was created several years before Scratch was ever published. The Scratch Team raises funds through donations in order to pay their employees.

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