Songs with the word cloud

Songs with the word cloud

Brent walsh – cloud’s song (lyrics)

Rain songs (a list that has proven to be very popular—I was even interviewed about it by a Canadian radio station) and wind songs came to mind the other day as I was thinking about the themes for song lists that I’ve written over the years I’ve been writing this blog.
It’s raining and blowing. So, what’s the deal with that? Clouds are present. Clouds are a popular motif in Hindi film songs. Clouds, as rain harbingers. Thunderous clouds, torrential rain. Clouds that reflect a range of emotions, from relief and calm to grim despair. It was time, I thought, to compile a list of my favorite cloud songs.
Second, the cloud reference should be literal; clouds should not be used in a metaphorical context. (Which is why Itna na mujhse tu pyaar badha ke main ek baadal aawara doesn’t qualify: the word for cloud appears only in the second line of the song and isn’t literal; the singer is referring to his own restlessness, ephemerality.)
1. Kaare badraa tu na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na To begin, a song in which the cloud appears both literally and metaphorically. Nalini Jaywant’s character sings to the rain-bearing clouds as she walks past the pond and fields of her village, where she is a part-time jagirdar, asking them not to move by but to stay a while. To pour down, to quench the parched land’s thirst. But her song also includes a plea to an old lover with whom she had previously broken up and who has returned to the village, causing mayhem, reopening old wounds, and enraging her while also giving her a pleasure she finds difficult to accept, even to herself.

Redemption song – bob marley – word cloud lyric

The idea of “clouds” is a common theme among songwriters because it has so many metaphorical possibilities. Clouds may reflect a wide variety of emotions or meanings. On one side, white clouds may reflect peacefulness and elegance or even elation as in “being on cloud 9” or “having your head up in the clouds”. Darker clouds, on the other hand, may reflect darkness, risk, sorrow, or being in some form of term-oil situation. Somewhere in the center can be like being in a dream state, mental fogginess or a sense of confusion.
I had intended to list only songs with the words cloud or cloudy in the title, but I quickly realized that there were many other songs that came to mind with clouds or a variation of the word cloud prominently featured somewhere within the lyrics. So here’s a set of cloudy tunes to choose from for a popular theme for your next event, a personal playlist, or simply because you’re in the mood to listen to something when the mood hits you…..

Valesco – cloud 9

What do the term clouds provide us? They definitely provide a visual representation of the songs listed in the text, but despite efforts to disaggregate the data, methodological flaws still exist. The term “Jammin” appears 51 times in Bob Marley’s album “Jammin” for English songs. However, the term is prominently used in English-language songs. This is simply not because the song is important in the wider scheme of English-language songs (or even in Marley’s oeuvre), but because it is sonically repetitive.
Another weakness was that many Jamaican musicians are bilingual (fluent in English and Jamaican patois) and use both languages in their songs. As a result, the decision to categorize these songs is subjective. It also begs the question of whether language is the best tool for analyzing music. It is, without a doubt, a limited one. The fact that a word cloud can’t reflect songs without lyrics demonstrates the method’s limitations. Finally, we came to the conclusion that this method of analyzing aggregated data was insufficient to fully explore the phonographic potential of the songs in the playlist. We wanted to close-read some of the songs on the “Phonographic Memories” playlist to show this opportunity. That work can be found here.

Bryan adams – cloud number 9 (official video)

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