Soft key lock

Soft key lock

Touch screen lock lite 2021 | baby touch lock | soft key

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Instead of being associated with a single fixed function or a fixed set of functions, a soft key may be flexibly programmed to invoke any of a variety of functions. A softkey is typically a screen-labeled function key positioned next to a display unit, where the button performs the function defined by the text shown next to the button at the time. Soft keys can also be found outside of the display system, such as on the sides of mobile phones, where they are normally programmed to invoke functions like PTT, memo, or volume control. Soft keys include function keys on keyboards. A hard key, on the other hand, is a key with a particular purpose, such as the keys on a telephone keypad.

(10) chain key lock picked and gutted

Hello there, everybody!

[2] hyt chain key padlock

Today, I came across this “HYT” padlock with a “soft key” heart.

Touch lock – disable touch screen and soft keys (official

Take a look at the following images:

Touch lock – disable screen and soft keys

There aren’t any pins in there, and a pick won’t even work!

(627) john coulter’s weirdest lock on earth!!

Have you ever seen one of these? Do you know how to choose it? You “inject” the key (which is similar to a linked chain) and it becomes sufficiently supported to communicate with the lock in any way. By pressing down on the key handle, the chain key is forced out. This thing is really great, but I’m not sure how it works @ @.
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Look around the forum a little. I recall seeing a post about it (or anything quite similar) somewhere. Someone, hopefully, will have a connection. I still seem to hunt for a lifetime and come up empty-handed. chuckle It’s really fascinating.
The key is the same as the one I got from GLS for the Astral Transmission Lock. Here is the link to the article. The key is shaped like a watch band. There are also pins further in. The key is versatile, making it difficult to choose because it can fit into a curved keyway. They were easy to shim, but mine came with updated sleeves that fit over the shackle to prevent shimming. Gordon is a man with many talents.

The secret to unlocking all locks!

•No menus for your user settings can be accessed, and it can only be used to make internal and emergency calls. •If you’ve installed a login code, you’ll need it to unlock the machine.
1.If the Features soft key is shown, press it.
•To get to the menu when on the phone, click the right arrow key or the PHONE key, then the Features soft key.
2.Scroll the show to the option Phone User using the up and down arrow keys. 3.Press the right arrow key, the Select soft key, or the OK button. 4.Scroll the window using the up and down arrow keys to the option Phone Screen Settings. 5.Press the right arrow key, the OK button, or the Select soft key. 6.Scroll the show to the Auto Lock option using the up and down arrow keys. The (m) denotes that the time has been set in minutes. 7.To adjust the environment, press the Change soft key or use the left and right arrow keys. •Disabled

Touch lock || how to disable phone screen and soft keys

“A nano-code that corresponds to a particular lock. In your Datavault, you can see your soft key “ring” (a list of soft keys currently stored by your software). You can unlock a soft key’s associated lock whenever you want once you have it. Soft keys take up no physical inventory space because they are files.”
In Deus Ex: Invisible War, the player collects softkeys and stores them in their datavault to unlock unique locks. The successor to Deus Ex’s keyring is the softkey “ring” (a list of softkeys currently stored in the player’s software).

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