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Plant’s first move was to make variations of her original drawing to represent various states of motion, and then save each variation as a separate file. Then she opened Photoshop and dragged the rest of the files from her computer into the folder, pressing return (or enter) to position each file on its own layer. She then unlocked the original layer by clicking the Lock icon.
Plant used the Timeline (Window > Timeline) to animate her drawings, selecting Create Frame Animation from the dropdown menu and Make Frames From Layers from the flyout menu. If you’ve never used the Timeline before, it could start with empty frames. If this occurs, click on the first frame and then click on the last one while holding down the shift key. From the flyout menu, select Delete Frames. Then choose Make Frames From Layers from the drop-down menu.
Plant clicked on the first frame in the Timeline and then clicked on the last frame while holding the shift key to give each frame the same timing. You can set the interval to 0.1 seconds by pressing the down arrow in one frame. This will update all of the selected frames. Plant then selected Forever from the timeline’s dropdown menu to render the animation loop indefinitely. By pressing the Play button, you will see how your animation would work.

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GIFs that don’t avoid giffing: Where to Find the Best GIFs

How to create a gif using after effects

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Where to find the best GIFs is a challenge we all face on a regular basis—or hourly, depending on how serious your GIF obsession is. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.
bySimon DumontinAsk Awesomely is a term coined by Simon Dumontin.
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GIFs have come a long way since their conception. They were invented in 1987 and have since grown from an Internet oddity in the mid-2000s to everyone’s favorite picture format. If current trends continue, they will most likely supplant words as humans’ primary mode of communication by 2027.
Until then, we’re all faced with a daily—or hourly, depending on how serious your GIF addiction is—problem: where to find the best GIFs.
Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here are 9 sites where you can find the best GIFs on the web. There will be no shabby web templates or blogs that haven’t been revised since 2006. These are the GIFs that never cease to amuse. Interested in getting your hands dirty and making your own? Watch the video below to learn about the various styles of GIFs, or go straight to our step-by-step guide on how to make a GIF.
2. the tenor
Tenor, the company that developed the GIF keyboard, changed its name from Riffsy and is now GIPHY’s main rival. To be frank, they’re surprisingly similar—their search functions are identical, and their layouts are nearly identical. Is there a big difference? The animated GIFs. Give it a shot. Then hit the search buttons on GIPHY and Tenor with the same title. The outcomes are remarkably varied. Consider the following scenario:

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The language is English “From November to March 2021, this animation depicts the temporary orbit of 2020 SO around Earth. The Centaur upper-stage booster rocket from the Surveyor 2 mission, which launched to the Moon in 1966, is thought to be the object. The spent Centaur rocket flew past the Moon and ended up in an unknown solar orbit while the Surveyor 2 lander crashed into the lunar surface. The Centaur rocket seems to have returned more than 50 years later, entering Earth orbit on Nov. 10 and remaining there until March 2021 until escaping into a new solar orbit. This animation has been sped up to a million times its original level.”
( (ffmpeg -i “./video.mp4” was used to render the animated gif from the video.) –vf “scale=681 fps=29 fps=29 fps=29 fps=29 fp -1,split -1,split -1,split [s0][s1];[s0]palettegen[p];[s1][p]paletteuse;[s0]palettegen[p];[s0]paletteuse” output.gif -loop 0

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The GIF file must be base64 encoded before it can be inlined into the SVG stream. The media4svg package includes a command for this, which we use in the driver code. Graphics must also be informed of the GIF’s dimensions. img file base name> is accepted by Pkg graphics. It reads the BoundingBox information from xbb files. The contents of the xbb file for a 480px * 360px image are N.B. Firefox is unable to play animated GIFs found in SVGs that are embedded in web pages (like TeX.SX). It appears to be a bug. Instead, use a Blink-based web browser like Chromium, Chrome, Opera, or Edge. Alternatively, right-click the picture and choose to open the SVG in a new browser tab.
A discussion of supporting image formats can be found in a 1996 TUGboat article (written by Keith Reckdahl). Using EPS Graphics in LATEX2 Documents Part 1 is the title of the article from Volume 17 No. 1. Although the focus of the discussion is on dvips, a similar claim can be made for direct pdf production (see David’s response to this question). In addition, the past pattern of not introducing direct support in dvips may have affected the choices made for pdflatex and subsequent compilers.

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