Smugmug contact page

Smugmug contact page

How to create and insert a page into a menu in smugmug

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Any images you add to your SmugMug account’s galleries remain the same size file as when you first loaded them. For example, if you load up a 12MB photo and then download it later, you will get exactly what you loaded up the 12MB file with. Your photographs will not be compressed by SmugMug in any way. You can only upload photos up to 200MB in size.
This is the next move if you want to add your own images; you’ll be making the first photo gallery. Click upload photos or video. Jpeg, PNG, and GIF files are among the file forms that you can upload.
Look for the big green upload button in the website’s top bar.
To upload to a different gallery, press upload. I’ll clarify what the various options mean. When you click upload, you will be given the option of uploading images.

Wufoo – creating and embedding contact form

It’s crucial to have a website where you can show off your work and encourage potential clients to contact you. If you have a simple self-made website, a fully customized WordPress site, or a SmugMug template, there are certain basic elements that all websites must have in order to be effective. SmugMug’s 9 must-haves for every photography website are mentioned below.
Everyone nowadays has a website, and we think they’re fantastic. But how do you know what your friends, family, and fans are thinking about it when they see it? Are you sure your platform is doing what it can to get you clients and seal the deal if you’re a pro making money from your craft? How much money do you lose as a result of blunders?
We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you get the fastest, most reliable, and appealing website possible, based on our extensive research and advice from our amazing Support Heroes.
It’s a big mistake to leave or hide ways for people to contact you, and you may not even realize it. Consider this: If anyone came across your website and wanted to contact you, how would they go about doing so? Can you expect them to spend more than 5 minutes looking for your contact information if you fail to include it (or hide it many clicks deep)? You do not even have too much time until they move on.

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And those of us who have been members for years have difficulty encapsulating anything SmugMug has to offer in a single elevator pitch. As a result, it’s entirely possible that you’ve never seen any of the fantastic features that lurk (even now) in your galleries.
Our Collect Photos function is used by a large number of SmugMuggers. But did you know that you can have your galleries gather those new images you upload to your site automatically? Simply define Rules and turn your gallery into a Smart Gallery to accomplish this. We’ll take care of the rest.
Smart Galleries are ideal for curating images for your homepage slideshow, populating individual player galleries from team photos, showcasing your most recent photos, and a slew of other uses we can’t even begin to mention. Try it right now!
These don’t appear in your site-wide organizer because they can’t be transferred, but if you have a Power, Portfolio, or Business-level account, you can customize them with text, your logo, and other content blocks. It’s ideal for bringing your sunny attitude to every corner of your website.

Create a photography website using (+20

– [Lecturer] Following that is our contact link. We need to make sure that anyone who visits your site can contact you, whether it’s to buy a picture or ask about a service you provide. Now, I believe in providing several ways for them to contact me, and I did so right here, despite the fact that I’m on the about side. You can email me here, and you’ll see it on my blog a lot, as well as other ways to reach me. However, in the past, it was done through a contact form or a contact page. So, let’s take a look at two options. The first thing we’ll do is go to this little picture icon, which will take me to my profile, where I can enter a contact email when I go to edit profile. SmugMug will give you an email verifying your contact details once you’ve entered the email. So, when you receive the text, make sure you pick the option to confirm it. You’ll have the ability to create a contact form…

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