Smart doc camera

Smart doc camera

Die smart document camera™ sdc-550

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Document camera experts – smart document camera 330

The SMART Document Camera makes it easy to integrate hands-on activities into your lessons. Teachers use the camera to convert photographs and videos of everyday things, students’ work, and other oddities into interactive SMART Board® content. It’s a whole different way of bringing abstract ideas to life.
There are no power cords. There are no network cables. Teachers can display anything from anywhere in the classroom using portable cameras. Teachers can also record from any angle thanks to the camera’s versatile gooseneck nature.
All is recorded and displayed in beautiful 1080p resolution on the SMART Document Camera. The camera also contains a microscope adapter, enabling teachers to magnify small objects on their SMART Boards.

Die smart document camera™ sdc-550 ohne smart

With the SMART Document Camera, you can easily capture photos, video, and audio for more engaging lesson material. For example, you can use the document camera to film a science experiment and save it for later use, and students can record demonstrations during presentations to research later.
Place the Mixed Reality cube (included) under the SMART Document Camera lens to manipulate and explore 3D content from your SMART Notebook file. This gives students a hands-on experience that engages students of all learning styles while also assisting them in comprehending nuanced, abstract, and conceptual material.
Since you can access it directly from your SMART Notebook lesson – with only one click – the SMART Document Camera is a great match for other SMART items. Using your SMART Board, LightRaise interactive projector, or SMART Table interactive table to display images is easy.
It’s easier for students to grasp higher-level concepts like photosynthesis when you can take an object – say, a leaf – and view it for everyone to see. You should teach and learn in a visual, kinaesthetic manner.

Mixed reality tools for the smart document camera 330

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Optoma’s website can be found at Visualiser / Documentenkamera With its 8MP camera, direct HDMI output up to 30fps, A3 recording area, and 17-fachem, optical zoom, the new Dokumentenkamera is capable of producing high-quality footage.

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