Smart car navigation system

Smart car navigation system

5 smart navigation systems for your car in 2018

RDS tuner, CD player, and Europe-wide GPS routing are all part of the navigation system (Navigation & Sound). You know where you want to go, and the navigation system will show you how to get there in 17 European countries. It will also guide you in the direction of train stations and gas stations. Simply insert the navigation CD, type in the destination town and address, and then follow the directions on the screen or the voice to get there. You can also listen to your favorite CD while waiting for directions.
The smart navigation system includes radio functions (VHF, short wave, medium wave, and long wave reception), a CD player that plays audio CDs, and an integrated navigation system that enables audio and navigation functions to be used simultaneously. CD-ROM push The integrated CD drive plays audio CDs as well as data media for the navigation system. Show with several functions With directional arrows, letters, distance data, and graphical intersection displays, the multi-function display visualizes the key functions. Voice information complements the visual displays and assists in your timely and trouble-free arrival at your destination.

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THE SMART FORTWO IS AVAILABLE FOR RENT FROM 19,99 € PER DAY. Joining is absolutely secure. Meet the clever fortwo. It is true that size does matter. A fantastic city companion. Because of its tiny turning radius (6.95m) and city-friendly dimensions, the smart fortwo is the magic bullet you never thought you wanted. Is this a bad decision? Rotate the body. You’re not a natural at parking on the wrong side of the road? Drive right in and park forward. The smart fortwo was the first car-sharing vehicle to ever reach the streets, debuting in Ulm, Germany, in 2008. It is also the most recognizable and well-liked member of our fleet today. This nimble two-seater is the city car par excellence, designed for short trips in urban traffic and impossible parking situations. In Germany, you can rent a smart fortwo in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, or Frankfurt.
Size does not come between Creature and comfort. All you’d find in a modern car is included in the smart: touchscreen navigation, radio, Bluetooth pairing, and climate control. Car keys, a fueling/charging pass, and an airport parking card (if applicable) are all kept in the glove compartment for your convenience.

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Our Smart ForTwo sat nav was not working properly today; the time was not shown in the top right corner, and there was no link to ‘live’ services. After resetting it to factory settings didn’t fix it, and hubby fiddling with it to see if he could manually adjust the clock, which he couldn’t (it was greyed out), I decided to do some research online and discovered that there is a software problem that necessitates the installation of an updated version.
Your smart Media-System receives the current time signal via GPS data on a regular basis. On April 6, 2019, this GPS time signal will undergo a so-called Week Number Rollover (WNRO), after which your smart Media-System will no longer be able to handle this signal correctly. As a result, the time in your car will no longer be shown, and implausible arrival times may be displayed. As a consequence, we advise you to act now and upgrade your Media-System.
Have your smart Media-System ready for the future right now: all it takes is a quick and simple software update to ensure that it continues to function properly. Our device partner TomTom provides the update, which takes about 15 minutes and does not require any special knowledge. ​

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The Traffic Master Smart Nav system is the cheapest and easiest to use navigation system on the market today. It incorporates the latest GPS and GSM technology and provides drivers with a range of support services to make any journey as fast, convenient, and secure as possible. You are connected to a device at the touch of a button.
To ensure that your path is as fast and simple as possible, a powerful computer calculates the route to your destination, combining traffic data and the most up-to-date mapping information. The route is digitally downloaded to your SmartNav device in your car, which provides you with simple, turn-by-turn spoken instructions. It’s like getting your own personal navigator, but without the squabbles.
The Speed Protection choice alerts you to the location of speed/safety cameras as well as the road speed. When you reach the camera field, you’ll hear three beeps, five beeps when you’re 200 yards out, and a constant beep if you’re going too fast for the lane. This is an optional extra that costs £8.00 a month.

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