Smart board templates

Smart board templates

How to create interactive choice boards with google slides

Smart Boards (or SMART Boards) are digital whiteboards that come with software that allows you to present interactive class lectures using your touchscreen. You can use your hands, pen, and various items to present your content, including PowerPoint slides with on-screen annotations, and to write or remove content from the board. Let’s take a look at the benefits of Smart Boards for both teachers and students.
SMART Boards are digital whiteboards that are suitable for lectures in the classroom. You can use your hands to connect with your students, present content interactively, run PowerPoint slides, highlight and annotate the board with a virtual pen, and use touchscreen features with your hands. The SMART Board 800 and Smart Board M600 white boards, the SMART Board 4000 and SMART Board 6000 Series Interactive Flat Panels, and the SMART kapp Digital Capture Board are all examples of Smart Boards with various models and applications.
Collaboration and interactive class lectures are simple with the Smart Notebook and Smart kapp iQ apps. The LightRaise Interactive Projector is another excellent Mobile Tech product for use with Smart Boards.

How to create interactive google slides for distance learning

Using SMART Boards as immersive hands-on, minds-on technology tools lets students show their expertise in a number of ways. There are links to pre-made lessons as well as template files that you can download and use in your SMART Notebook app. Before you download, you’ll be able to see all of them. Remember, the key is to get the most out of a tool and the software that comes with it (SMART Notebook). Any of the lessons you see can and should be changed to suit the curricular criteria of your subject and/or grade level, as well as to comply with the Kentucky Core Content and Program of Studies. The pre-built models are meant to serve as a starting point for you to build your own special and distinctly well-suited curricular activities that will pique your students’ interest and encourage them to apply the concepts and skills you’re teaching.

Smartboard templates tutorial

This website has video podcasts that inform teachers about SMART Board teaching strategies. Each episode is between 10 and 20 minutes long. Our focus and goal is to develop lessons that are fun for students. The lessons we present are designed to get students up from their desks and up to the SMART Board. We incorporate lesson templates that viewers can download from our website. While we concentrate on Math, the majority of the lessons can be extended to any topic. You can also order our book Simple SMARTBoard Teaching Models in print or in a notebook format by clicking here.
Episode #90 of Teaching with SMARTBoard Builder of ActivitiesDecember 20, 2012 We’ve now arrived at episode 90. The Activity Builder is discussed in this podcast, as well as how you can use it in your everyday lessons. It’s got some pretty interesting stuff in it. We also go over how to build a theme for your lesson. More episodes can be found at We’ve now arrived at episode 90. The Activity Builder is discussed in this podcast, as well as how you can use it in your everyday lessons. It’s got some pretty interesting stuff in it. We also go over how to build a theme for your lesson. TEACHING WITH A SMARTBOARD is available on iTunes. To go to the blog post about buying the book, click here. Best wishes, [email protected] Dave and Scott Click here for Tools and DOWNLOADS from each episode, including notebook documents and PDFs.

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Are you prepared for the upcoming summer season? Are you all set for a good time? I know a lot of people are looking forward to Summer Vacation. This last month of school, I figured you would enjoy some fun with your Smart Board lessons. I’ve built three summer-themed files for you. You can only add your own content after I added activities from the Lesson Activity Toolkit. Fill in the blank pages with your details or instructions. The graphics on the pages can be used as links to other pages, websites, and sounds, among other items. Using the system as a starting point for your own lessons. The Aloha, Fishing, and Surfing models are all fantastic!
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