Sliders the guardian

Sliders the guardian

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The Sliders arrive in a world that is identical to their own, except that time has been slowed by twelve years. Quinn meets his young double there and, despite the other Sliders’ warnings, wants to alter an imminent event in his life.
Following a medical examination, Arturo tells Quinn that he has contracted a fatal illness. Despite this, he manages to persuade his friends to continue delving into other worlds with them. Quinn is also transformed into his own personal guardian, a young Quinn from 1980.

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If you put a heart rate monitor on Season Three of Sliders, you’d see an unpredictable sequence of peaks and lows before flatlining at the end.

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After the previous episode’s abysmal low, this week’s Sliders episode, “The Guardian,” is one of my personal favorites.
For some unexplained cause, Arturo is subjected to a full body scan in the first episode.
When Arturo leaves the hospital, Quinn finds him and informs him that he accidentally listened to a voicemail for Arturo about his appointment.
Arturo tells Quinn that he has an incurable terminal disease and that he may have as little as a month or as much as a year left to live.
Arturo seems to be adamant about staying on their current Earth for the rest of his life, but Quinn persuades him to continue slipping.
Arturo gives in, but advises Quinn to keep his illness hidden from Wade and Rembrandt.
The gang slides out of the wormhole and onto their next Earth in a precise, gentle manner, managing to remain on their feet rather than being tossed out.
Arturo theorizes that their miraculous landing has everything to do with the Earth’s gravity.
The gang is also relieved to discover that they have returned to San Francisco for the first time since Logan St. Clair fucked up the timer.
However, the world seems to be stuck in the mid-1980s, as a part of the city that was demolished in a 1989 earthquake still stands, there are brand new 1980s cars, and people are dressed in 1980s clothing. Quinn takes off to run into a nearby cemetary where a funeral is taking place, which makes it even stranger. Quinn informs the others that the funeral is for his father, and that Quinn, who is 12 years old, is attending with his mother. Quinn also reunites with his ridiculously hot homeroom instructor, Heather Hanley, and clumsily creates the fictitious name of Jim Hall, claiming to be a family friend.

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Linda Henning is a blogger who lives in the United States (Mrs. Mallory)

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Van Dyke, Phillip (Young Quinn Mallory)

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Meadow Sisto is a character in the film Meadow Sisto (Ambrosia)

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Horan, Leslie (Heather Hanley)

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Timothy Wiley is a writer who lives in the United States (Rex Crandell)

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Colton, John C. (Priest)

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Winley, Robert (Bull)
Quinn meets his young double in a world where time passes more slowly and seeks to reverse a traumatic incident in his life. Meanwhile, after discovering that he is terminally ill, Arturo decides it’s time to seize life by the horns and takes the others on increasingly wild adventures. Quinn also takes advantage of the situation to begin a romantic relationship with his teacher, Heather Hanley, whom he had a childhood crush on. In the end, young Quinn fights a gang of bullies using boxing tactics taught to him by Quinn, rather than the bat that had mentally scarred him. Quinn and Heather are certain that Quinn will be perfect now that he has won the confidence of his peers by defeating the bullies. Quinn sadly wishes Heather farewell, and as she pursues him, he admits the truth about his surname before slipping away, leaving Heather stunned.

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Quinn meets his young double in a world where time passes more slowly and seeks to reverse a traumatic incident in his life. Meanwhile, Arturo decides it’s time to catch the bull by the horns and leads the others on increasingly risky adventures.
Maybe it’s just me, but I was practically crying the whole show! I’m not sure why this one moved me so much, but I thought it was a perfect example of what the show’s idea might be used for. Plus, I thought the acting, settings, and other aspects of the film were all of very high quality, and there didn’t seem to be any of the corny dialogue that is typical of ‘Sliders.’ I think one of the things that drew me to the episode was the topic of parenting and formative experiences. You really want to help young people develop and become the best they can be, but it’s never clear how to do so. I found it fascinating and moving to see Quinn’s enthusiasm in this episode, considering what everyone else felt.

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