Sites like funnyjunk

Sites like funnyjunk

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FunnyJunk is a content aggregator website that features user-submitted pictures, videos, and animated GIFs. Advice animals and rage comics, some of which were created by FunnyJunk users, are regularly submitted to the web.
On July 29th, 2001, an anonymous party registered the domain The site’s administrator is only identified by his screen name “Admin,” according to the FunnyJunk Wiki[1]. [number four] Many suspected that the user TheDesigner[3] was just an alias used by Admin when he claimed to have handed over the site’s administrative duties to him in April of 2010. [two]
Users with registered accounts can upload photos, images, animated GIFs, text, and links to the web. Registered users can thumbs up or down on posts, with the most popular content appearing on the front page. Users can caption uploaded images using an image macro generator, and a comic designer provides a user interface for making rage comics. The main section of FunnyJunk is considered “job safe,” but authorized users have access to an entire “NSFW” section.

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Matthew Inman had no desire to be a badass. He just wanted to write The Oatmeal, his one-of-a-kind webcomic, but just a few months after releasing it, he found his work turning up on user-generated content sites like, mostly without any attribution.
His readers continued to send him e-mails pointing out the wholesale plagiarization of his work. Inman eventually took a closer look at FunnyJunk. “I began looking around on their website,” he said. “FunnyJunk had replicated my entire website.”
Hundreds of (long) cartoons littered the web, reflecting most of Inman’s work over the last two years. Last week, Inman couldn’t take it anymore and went on The Oatmeal blog to vent about FunnyJunk.
FunnyJunk is a large platform, with 10 million page views per day, according to its statistics. The concept is that the site’s many users create amusing photographs, videos, and animations, which are then uploaded to the site and rated by other users. It’s easy to see why so much of Inman’s work ended up on the web and why attribution was often deleted.

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Cheeky Kid is a cybernaut who spends a lot of time surfing the internet, absorbing vast amounts of data, and having a good time.

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Best restorations by danny koker’s counting cars’counting, one of the funniest and most popular websites today, rose to prominence thanks to its hilarious material, which includes memes, amusing comics, clever quotes, humorous videos, LOLcats, and everything else funny and wacky on the internet. As a result, it’s no wonder that this website attracts millions of visitors looking for a good laugh. I myself am a regular tourist. However, it’s possible that you’re looking for something more. As a result, I’ve compiled a list of sites that are similar to 9GAG. There are amusing alternatives that are on par with the website and can also include amusement and laughter. I guarantee that your boredom will end soon, and you’ll be rolling around on the floor. Alternatives to 9GAG that are Hilarious

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Matthew Inman wrote a short article about Funnyjunk, one of the many image aggregating sites on the internet, about a year ago. What Should I Do About is the title of this post. was a brief review of his impressions of the web as well as some of his complaints. The web housed copies of his comics without credit or links back to his site, which was the most serious of them. Apart from that, his complaints were focused on the site’s sheer ugliness (they still have not updated it). He came to a logical conclusion by looking at the larger picture.
Instead, I believe it is time to return to a conversation we had a few years ago about something similar happening in the comedy industry. The concept is that social mores and laws will lead to retribution for what society considers to be unjust or unethical conduct. So, despite the fact that Funnyjunk is operating within the confines of current law, it was viewed as immoral, and the group reacted accordingly. Similarly, the audience shunned the actor who plagiarized his jokes.

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