Site controls enterprise portal

Site controls enterprise portal

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This topic explains how to create a public Enterprise Portal site with anonymous authentication. You can set up an unsolicited registration page on a public Enterprise Portal platform so that prospective vendors can register with your company or organization.
When you use Setup to install the Enterprise Portal platform, it generates a Web application and a web site that use Integrated Windows authentication by default. Since a public site needs anonymous authentication, you can’t use the default web application and web site for an Enterprise Portal public site. The steps below show you how to build a new Web application using SharePoint 2010 items or SharePoint Server 2013.
SharePoint warns you that using classic mode authentication is not recommended when you run the following instruction. Since an Enterprise Portal public site requires classic mode authentication, you should ignore this alert.
When you open the Central Administration page after successfully creating the web application, a health rule alert appears, indicating that one or more web applications are allowed with classic authentication mode. This warning reflects the recommendation to use claims-based authentication rather than conventional authentication.

Procurement categories and purchase requisitions in

Using a list page type is much simpler to build and maintain, but it does come with a limitation: it can’t be customized too much. However, if all you want to do is view simple data from a query, this is the best choice.
A web page with a web part hosting a user control with a grid takes far longer to build, but you get all of the flexibility in displaying and working with the data, which means you can add more to the page than just the grid. However, if you keep things simple (like the grid on the page), the effort required is minimal. It’s just that you’ll be able to add more features later.
Well, it all depends on your needs and why you want to see this information. List pages, in comparison to user control grids, are more convenient to use and incorporate, and have more flexibility.
To be more precise, at the top of the page, I have a combo box. Combo will pick a value for you. The data will then be shown in the listpage or grid below. Then there are some buttons below that will work on the results.

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Lexmark printer security—configuring pin password login

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Login with WebKey Hello and welcome to the webkey login page! Your authentication is required for the application you attempted to access. You can gain access to the retrieved application – as well as other webkey-protected applications – by using one of the login methods mentioned below. (This is referred to as “Single Sign-On”). The most reliable authentication method is “PKI Login.”

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