Simple php filemanager

Simple php filemanager

Php tutorial (& mysql) #39 – file system (part 1)

Create new folders, drag and drop multiple files into them, sort them by name, date, or size, and edit or delete them. With a fast search module and pagination, you’ll have complete control over your archives. Choose whether your archive should be public or private.
5 out of 5!! I have nothing but praise for the excellent scripts, good design, good documentation, ease of installation and customization, and excellent support, which has always been there when I needed it. I wholeheartedly endorse it!
We’ve been searching for something similar for quite some time. It’s not overly complicated, but it’s also not overly straightforward. The feature set is just perfect, and it’s very easy to use, in my opinion. We had one minor problem, which the author quickly resolved.

Extplorer a php based file manager install on cpanel server

On a single file, phpFileManager is a full filesystem management method.

Veno file manager 1: simple and flexible php plug-and-play

This is a tool for quickly accessing files as well as checking the server’s php configuration and protection.

Web based file management with php and tiny file manager

The script is password-protected and can be renamed and deployed on a unique known url.
With ajax loading, you can navigate through the directory tree. Files and directories can be copied, transferred, removed, built, renamed, modified, viewed, and chmod’d. Support for symlinks and hardlinks is built right into the gui. With a fast ZIP download button, tar/zip/bzip/gzip compression formats are available. Ace and the Monokai theme are used to build a code editor with syntax highlighting. Emulator for the shell terminal PHP sockets are used to inspect ports. information about the server Multiple uploads are possible. Secure yourself with a password. Runs on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. All PHP versions are supported. English/portuguese/spanish/catalan/chinese/dutch/french/german/italian/korean/russian/polish/turkish/ukrainian translations are included.
PHP is a programming language that is used to construct
FileManager is free software that you can redistribute and/or alter under the terms of any of the following licenses: GNU General Public License Version 2 or later (the “GPL”), GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1 or later (the “LGPL”), and Mozilla Public License Version 1.1 or later (the “MPL”).

How to integrate responsive filemanager in tinymce-php

Responsive FileManager 9.14.0 is a free open-source file manager and image manager built with the jQuery library, CSS3, PHP, and HTML5 that allows you to upload and insert files, images, and videos in a nice and elegant way.
– the pdf preview was fixed
– a bug with the development of session subfolder directories was fixed
– a folder development bug was patched
– fixed an issue with IE and the allow url fopen server config – fixed a folder copy issue
– an issue with relative folder url export was fixed
– fixed the error ‘TypeError: $ is not a function’ – fixed a query string lang issue
– On Android, a drag&drop issue was patched.
Detailed information:
– Cut, copy, and paste
The activities can be configured in the config.php file, and you can disable or restrict them if necessary.
Copy and cut options will appear when right-clicking on a folder or file (and paste if files on clipboard and righ clicked on a file)
After the ‘new dir’ icons, there are icons for paste to this dir and simple clipboard.
If there’s nothing on the clipboard, they’ll turn grey.
– Added a slew of new language lines as well as feedback information.
New lines have been added to each language (in English) to make translation easier (There are places where I added percent s to lang lines which will be swapped with an action name, commented out what will be inserted at runtime)

Demo of my file manager (dolphin.php) opening directories

The move/copy (MvCp) feature has been added, which allows you to copy or move files to authorised folders. There’s also a block for uploading and creating directories. Additional file types are also supported. There were a few minor bug fixes made.
The inclusion of an internal text viewer and control over image display are included in this edition. Text in the editor and text viewer can be encoded in HTML. Filetype support was introduced, and the documentation was enhanced. Losses due to spaces within files have been patched, as has a damaged editor due to some text embedded within a file.
Downloading of unknown filetypes has been allowed in this update. MIME style descriptions are now supported. An internal image viewer with GIF, JPEG, and PNG support has been added. PNG, PDF, and RTF file types are also supported. The deletion of short PHP tags, the stripping of HTML tags from filenames, and the right saving of sort state for the delete and rename options are among the bug fixes. The code is now compliant with PHP 4.2 and higher’s globals off functionality.

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