Sim card for galaxy s7 edge

Sim card for galaxy s7 edge

Samsung galaxy edge 7 – how to insert sim card

Since the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are water-resistant, the memory card and SIM card slots must be tightly sealed to prevent them from getting wet. Learn how to disassemble your Galaxy S7 in order to replace the SIM and memory cards.
On both models, the SIM and memory cards are found on the top edge of the handset, which is indicated by a thin rectangular slot with a tiny pinhole. Before you begin, make sure your phone is switched off:
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Samsung galaxy s7 / s7 edge sim karte und microsd karte

The Samsung Galaxy S7 can be made to work with two SIM cards thanks to a software hack. And, before the Note 7 was released a few months ago, it was rumored to have dual SIM in some markets but just a microSD card slot in others. Although some people are uninterested in the dual SIM feature, others aren’t content with just one or two. We know people who would like triple SIM functionality if it existed.
The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge has been hacked by REWA Technology. On YouTube, a video was posted demonstrating how the Samsung system would operate with both dual SIM and SD cards at the same time. We’ve outlined the steps for performing the hack. Make sure you don’t skip any steps by carefully following each one.

How samsung galaxy s7 edge dual sim duos actually work

While the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge have received a lot of praise, some people are unhappy with the South Korean company’s decision to use a hybrid SIM card tray. For starters, the dual SIM version allows you to choose between two options: two dual SIMs with no additional storage or one SIM card and one microSD card. For those who want to use two SIM cards in one phone and still have more memory, this can be a pain.
It’s a good thing there are brilliant hackers and geeks who can solve almost any problem. The microSD card and SIM slots can also be used simultaneously with a small modification to the SIM card tray. There is no need to choose which card to use, but there are risks as for any hack. It’s possible that your new Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, as well as the SIM-microSD cards, will be impaired.
The steps for inserting a couple of nano SIM cards and a microSD card in the SIM card tray of a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge were published by NO REPLIED. If you’re willing and able to try this hack, make sure you have the following items on hand: Nano SIM cards with dual SIM functionality, MicroSD card, scissors, lighter, and double-sided tape or super glue

How to insert sd card + sim card to galaxy s7 / s7 edge

You must pass your SIM card around if you switch phones or phone carriers. This is usually a straightforward procedure. However, there are occasions when this is not the case. You can have trouble installing a new SIM card if you are unsure about where to put it. Other times, you can have a SIM card tray with two slots, such as the one found in the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. This just adds to the confusion, since placing the SIM card in the wrong slot might prevent your SIM card from working properly. When your card is in a slot other than the one you assume it is in, it can be difficult to set up primary and secondary functions.
Fortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge makes this fairly obvious, as long as you know where the SIM card slot is located. We’ll show you how to put a SIM card into your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in this tutorial. Continue reading to learn how to execute this task.
It pushes out a bit, but not enough to keep hold of it. The SIM card does not slide out as it is seen in the article. I’ve attempted: I inserted the tool, the slot barely moved, and I tried to pull it out with the tool but to no avail. I believe the following factors contributed to it: I’m not sure what’s causing this, so I’m reaching out for assistance.

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