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Silent auction pro

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Founder and President, Jim Donnell Today, auctions are organized by organisations of all sizes around the world, with billions of dollars in properties and merchandise being sold each year, whether in a ballroom or online. Despite the fact that auctioning has developed over time, organizers may reap significant benefits from technologies designed to aid in the planning, execution, and analysis of these activities, as well as enhancing the overall event experience for attendees. Organizing an event is not the same as fundraising. To implement it effectively, it takes a lot of commitment, coordination, and, most importantly, determination. We recently spoke with Jim Donnell, the company’s founder and president, about how the company was created with the intention of making fundraising activities smarter through the use of Silent Auction Pro’s Software-as-a-Service auction platform.

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We have the tools to help you navigate and develop every step of the silent auction process, whether it’s your first time or you’ve done it before. Create a Product Tour Order »
Perhaps you’ve been conducting silent auctions for years but don’t have the most up-to-date auction management tools. Perhaps you want to host your first event but don’t know where to begin. Alternatively, maybe you’re attempting to obtain better item contributions, larger sponsorships, and collect more funds. This thorough resource will provide you with new skills and ideas to add to your toolkit, regardless of where you begin.
Even the most experienced silent auctioneer will increase the productivity of their event and raise more money. The world of fundraising evolves on a daily basis, and so do best practices for silent auctions. The availability of new technologies increases. Old theories are questioned and re-imagined. Every day, we learn new tips and tricks from our own customers, which we share with the rest of the nonprofit world. We’re pleased to share this information with fundraisers like you so that you can stay updated and up-to-date in places where you may not have access. If you haven’t already, sign up for our monthly resource digest to have all things fundraising sent right to your inbox.

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Silent Auction Pro is a fundraising platform that enables you to run any kind of online auction, whether for a school, church, or other non-profit organization. Several national charities, including Ronald McDonald House and The United Way, have selected it as a true multi-user auction scheme. This program provides cutting-edge tools to help you manage your contact list more efficiently, as well as easily create customized donation request letters and attendee invitations. You’ll get a general rundown of donations, as well as event statistics, so you can keep track of how your fundraising effort is progressing and make adjustments as needed. Silent Auction Pro allows you to arrange all forms of auctions, including silent, live, online, and even for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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Are you on the lookout for the most effective Event Management software? Are you unsure whether Cvent Event Management or Silent Auction Pro is the best option for your business? To see how they compare in terms of support, functionality, feedback, and more, use this method.
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That’s helpful information, but it doesn’t tell you how well either choice would work for you—that depends on whether they have the capabilities you need, whether they fit with your other tools, how much support they provide, and how much money they charge.

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