Shutterfly classroom connections

Shutterfly classroom connections

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“As an educator, I’ve always wondered what goes on during my child’s day,” said Amanda Oleson, a 2nd grade teacher at Fairmeadows Elementary. “With that in mind, I decided to paint a more optimistic picture for my class’s parents.” She’s now using Shutterfly’s free website tool to give her parents a sneak peek into her classroom. Jillian Robbins, a first-grade teacher at Westridge Elementary, is doing the same thing. “Many parents have shared their delight at being able to ‘see’ what is going on in the classroom, and it is enhancing contact with parents.”
“Shutterfly is…. SIMPLE,” Oleson said in a single phrase. It’s simple because the system already includes a website framework; teachers simply need to add their material. There are also ways to personalize the platform to meet your unique requirements. Here are a few illustrations…
“Our favorite feature is the photo gallery!” exclaims parent Tammy Wright.
This is where Shutterfly shines; taking images of any classroom event and uploading them to a Shutterfly photo gallery is easy. “I enjoy the photos and videos on the web that record classroom events, such as when a student learned the continents through singing. Being able to play these at home allows me to participate and contributes to great family conversations,” says parent Ken Morton. “I’ve always wanted to be a ‘bug on the wall’ in the classroom, and with the pictures and images, this is the best I’ve ever come!” said parent Deborah Lind. Classroom photos are also proving to be excellent conversation starters for parents and their children. Gina Feingold, a grandmother, says, “My son likes to tell me who is in the picture and what they are doing.”

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Teachers can use our Classroom Share sites to create and share photographs and videos of their students’ progress and activities from anywhere using our ideas and tools. We make it simple to connect with parents so that you can collaborate to better each child’s learning experience. With our Share sites iPhone app, you can view and find anything you need on your Share site while on the go.
With our Photo Story app, teachers can show off their students’ abilities and imagination. We have a number of resources to help your students express their imagination. With our customized lesson plans, you can make your curriculum more enjoyable for your students. If you endorse project-based learning programs, your students will produce self-published books.
With our Storefront for School, educators and parents will drastically improve the success of their fundraising efforts. You can use a range of custom and personalized cards, invites, announcements, picture books, and gifts to raise funds for your school. Without lifting a finger, you can easily promote and improve fundraiser involvement with our fundraising storefront. When your school registers for a specific URL, 13% of all transactions made through that URL are returned to your school.

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First and foremost, put your safety first. It is never a good idea for teachers to post pictures of their students on the internet without first getting permission from their parents. I’m not comfortable using websites that aren’t password protected for parent or teacher use.
When a parent visits the site for the first time, the first page they see is the Home page. The top light blue bar helps parents to navigate between website features to find the one that best fits their needs. The journal entries are the main focus of this website (middle left). Classroom updates, parent tips, relevant details about upcoming activities, and any other valuable information are all included in these journal entries. We had a lice outbreak in the classroom this year, and I was able to provide information (with hyperlinks) to parents about the critter, what to look for in their child’s hair, and how to prevent the outbreak from spreading at home, as well as reassuring them about what the teachers were doing to prevent the spread at school. My home phone number, helpful links for parents (school website, online academic game links, online leveled readers), and our show and tell schedule are all available on this page.

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Welcome to the latest contact blog for the CMCS! Many of the papers that are distributed on campus can be found and downloaded here. I’ll also share websites related to the program, as well as direct links to many of the online tools you’ll use in class for student management and evaluation. Here you’ll find the newsletter and the schedule. I’ll be updating it on a regular basis, so bookmark it and come back frequently.
You can make a free photo-sharing website in minutes with Shutterfly Share pages. Use your Share platform to share pictures with friends and family, a sports team, a classroom, coworkers, a membership, or some other party privately (or publicly). You can personalize your website with unique designs and templates, just like any other Shutterfly product. You are not limited to only uploading photos on your new Share site; you can also add videos, schedules, polls, team rosters, forums, and more.
Remind101 is a text messaging service that allows teachers to conveniently set up classrooms to text students and parents to inform them of important activities, assignments, and/or test preparation. The service is easy to use because it allows you to allocate a code to and class you make. After that, they will text that code to be added to your list.

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