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We help technology buyers from all over the world develop their tech stack and prepare ahead by connecting them with global suppliers and local disruptors to learn about emerging micro and macro developments that will help them future-proof their strategy and achieve their goals.
TravelTech Show’s digitally distributed content, 1-2-1 meetings, and virtual networking pass with the sun around the world. Travel advertisers, multimedia and commercial specialists will have access to a range of local suppliers and content provided by WiT starting each day in APAC and the Middle East. Then, as the day breaks across Europe, they’ll be joined by European colleagues and global suppliers to continue the discussion. Once America is open for business, Phocuswright will provide fresh content to the global travel technology community. On day two, we begin again with more global and regional material, 1-2-1 meetings, knowledge sharing, and networking.

Ces 2019: opening day at the world’s biggest technology show

Any trade show attendee finds technology appealing, and it has developed into a norm on the show floor over time. People can’t get enough of shiny new gadgets and games from their favorite brands, so creative and immersive technology draws a crowd.
Just because your company isn’t in the tech industry doesn’t mean you can’t use it to increase engagement or spread your message. Using technology, you can create a range of experiences for attendees, from video games to motion sensor video displays. Here are six examples of how our clients used innovative technology to create a memorable and engaging experience:
1. Using video game technology to engage tourists and put smiles on their faces is an excellent way to draw people into your booth. Scot Forge realized they wanted to create an immersive environment that suited their aerospace offerings when they decided to promote them. We designed and coded an 8-bit game based on the classic Atari game “Space Invaders.” Instead of a spaceship, the aliens are fired by an 8-bit version of the Scot Forge emblem as the audience scrolls. A custom screen appears when a visitor wins or loses a game, and it keeps track of the score. Although the game was designed to be played with keyboard controls, we were able to map the keystrokes to a joystick for a more enjoyable experience. Do you think you can beat the top score? If you see Scot Forge at a show, make sure to stop by for some game play.

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Even if you’re not applying for a technical position, you should demonstrate a strong passion for technology when applying to work for a technology company. This is because technology firms want all of their workers to be good product ambassadors.
In particular application questions, you can be asked about your interest in technology. For example, IBM requires candidates for all of its programs (including sales and business roles) to demonstrate how their expertise and accomplishments demonstrate a genuine interest in technology. If no particular question is asked, you must inform recruiters of your excitement in your responses to other application questions about why you want the position, or in your cover letter.
You may believe that if you don’t have a technology degree, don’t have the new smartphone, or don’t know any programming languages, you’ll be scraping the bottom of the barrel for topics to write about, but this is simply not the case. ‘Everyone has worked with technology,’ Tim says. Recognizing where the interactions occur can be challenging.’

Introducing the tech show 2020 – technology made simple

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Today’s future now – smart technology: the daily show

Andrew Christian’s best strengths are merged into one awesome pair of underwear with the Arena Brief Jock With Show-It Technology. It’s a cross between a supportive brief in the front and an open, butt-enhancing jockstrap in the back. The pouch’s Show-It Technology adds to your overall kit, making this a very flattering set. The mesh material teases your sides, while the slimming waistband slims your waist.
What We Enjoy:
We couldn’t wait to wear this mashup of a jock and a brief out on the town one night. It was already an adventurous and sexy pair of underwear due to the combination of fabrics and cuts. Once in place, it hugged our boys in all the right places and made them feel at ease. The mesh panels have a sexy vibe to them, and the open back leaves no space for interpretation. We felt instantly at ease and ready to tear it up on the dance floor.

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