Share ratio utorrent

Share ratio utorrent

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There is no such thing as a “ideal” seed-to-peer ratio. Regardless of how many peers or leechers there are, you might get all of your download bandwidth from a single seed. The more seeds you have, the better, because you’ll have more places to link to download the file. Yes, a torrent with 100 seeds will take longer to download than one with 1000 seeds. It is fully dependent on the seed’s upload speed.
You may be unable to attach to all available seeds for a variety of reasons. The numbers in parenthesis indicate the total number of seeds and peers recorded by the tracker, which may or may not be accurate. Some of these seeds may not have torrent clients open right now, or they may have reached their maximum number of connections, preventing them from connecting to you.
You must also remember the number of connections per torrent as well as the total number of connections your bit torrent client makes. This is determined by the upload speed you specify when creating your device. For example, my upload speed is 20 megabits per second (2.5 megabits per second) (Megabytes per Second).

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Bittorrent is what I use. I was led to believe that my solution could be found here when I requested assistance. I’ve hunted and come close to finding what I’m searching for. Years of DLing experience have given me a basic understanding of torrents. I used to have little HD space and was, I think, a leacher because I would move files as soon as they were done. I now have HD space, but when I got to nearly 90% of a file, I found that only 4Mb had been ULed, resulting in a dismal share ratio of the 6Gb file. I’m getting an error that says I need to increase my share ratio to.25. A smaller file has far less DLs but far more ULs. A higher ratio can be found in a much larger file that has been operating for nearly ten months. Are there any ratio constraints imposed by torrent ULer? My main concern is: how can I possibly increase the ratio if the file is still unavailable? I’m unable to UL or DL anything. The file remains “red,” and the error is shown under the tracker tab. What options do I have? I’ve asked the ULer for assistance but have yet to receive a response. Do you have any recommendations? Since I tether and am throttled by my carrier every month, I keep my UL cap very low. My monthly cap was recently reduced from 10GB to 5GB. In nearly 12 years of using bittorrent, this is my first experience with sharing ratio. And when I was using a laptop with an 837MHz processor and a 20GB hard drive. I’m doomed.

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(Distributed copies are another name for this.) The total number of complete copies of a file (or collection of files and directories) that the client has access to. Since each seed has a full copy of the file, they add 1.0 to this amount. If no other peer has this part of the file, a related peer with a fraction of the file available adds that fraction to the availability.
For example, a peer who downloads 65.3 percent of the file increases the availability by 0.653. The availability is 1.5 if two peers each have the same portion of the file downloaded – say 50% – and there is only one seeder.
Any peer that does not have the entire file and is downloading it is referred to as a downloader. This word, which is used in Bram Cohen’s Python implementation, does not have the same negative connotation as leech. Bram prefers the term “downloader” to “leech” because BitTorrent’s tit-for-tat means that downloaders still upload, so they aren’t classified as leeches unfairly.

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My share ratio has never changed. It’s still greater than 1.5. However, my share ratio for this one torrent, which is around 1 GB, is 2.344. I believe that is too high, as my download speed is only 3.4Kb/s. So I was curious as to how I could change it to something a little lower. Thank you.
Make sure your upload side isn’t overburdened by a quick upload pace.
Even 1-5 KB/sec less than the theoretical limit will give you 2-10x the download speed.
It’s bad to share so many torrents at once because people won’t be able to get anything from you. It’s like making an offer…and then giving almost nothing in return. It’s best if each torrent has at least 3 KB/sec upload speed, if not more. The absolute minimum upload speed per upload slot per torrent is 1 KB/sec. Having 3-10 KB/sec per upload slot is even better for getting good download speeds in return. Any higher, and they won’t be able to upload as easily to you.
Falcon4, if you have 20 seeding torrents running and all of them have active peers, you won’t be able to maintain a decent upload rate unless you have a really high upload speed or your upload slots are set to 1 or 2. It also violates compatibility with the BitTorrent protocol, since advertising usable parts will take up more upload bandwidth than actually uploading parts. A seed that only uploads at 0.3 KB/sec to you is of very little use, particularly if the pieces are 2 MB or larger. Since the seed “gives up” on a piece before it uploads successfully, you end up with a lot of unfinished pieces that can’t be exchanged. To have a fair chance of finishing the torrent, you must hope there is a REAL seed on it. BitComet is well-known for this due to its abysmal upload slot management. It can be set up to work much better, but most people are unaware of how to do so. Note: You can use advanced settings to have slow seeding and downloading torrents not count against your limit, reducing the issues I’m referring to.

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