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We used the following criteria to direct our decision when searching the web for our favorite well-designed church websites: The first thing we looked at was the graphic design. How well-designed and laid-out is the website? Is the navigation clear? Are visuals obnoxious and unnecessary, or do they help to educate and direct the user? We looked at image content size and load time. Then we looked at the layout and navigation of the page. Is all clear? Is it straightforward? Will this make sense to you? The church knowledge and material were our most significant factors in choosing these church websites. Is it obvious what the church’s mission is? What are their goals, objectives, and mandates? What are the representatives of the ministry team? Is there enough details to contact you? All of these are critical considerations when designing a church website that is both functional and attractive.
In today’s technology-driven world, the Church Website is rapidly becoming the most evangelical tool. Almost everybody has Internet access, whether by a computer or a mobile device. Wi-Fi is ubiquitous, and the average person would rather connect with your church through your website before committing to visit your facility.

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Thousands of churches want a new, cutting-edge, professional website but lack the time or financial resources to switch providers. A church can quickly migrate to Sharefaith using the free migration program, with Sharefaith doing all of the work.
Sharefaith is offering free church website migration to all Complete Membership users, enabling a church to migrate their old church website, network, domain, and content to a new Sharefaith website.
Thousands of churches want a new, cutting-edge, professional website but lack the time or financial resources to switch providers. Migration of a website can be a difficult and time-consuming process. The task can be particularly difficult for churches with limited resources and staff. With the free migration service, the newest addition to Sharefaith’s several website features, a church can make the change quickly and seamlessly as Sharefaith takes care of all.
Switching to a new website is more difficult than it seems, particularly for a church that has spent years developing content and attracting visitors. There are also under-the-hood factors, such as moving website providers, redirecting a domain, mapping old URLs to new addresses, and adapting to a new CMS, in addition to the obvious changes in the website design (content management system).

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With the passage of time, having an online presence for a church has evolved from a privilege to an utter necessity in order to draw future tourists. Most churches have noticed this and have jumped on board to avoid being ignored by today’s “church shoppers.”
Let’s face it: church websites have a bad reputation when it comes to design. That’s why we decided to compile a list of the 50 most attractive and creative church websites we might find.

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Sharefaith, a leading provider of church worship, media, and websites, is currently running a one-month crossover sale through June 2012, allowing churches to move from their current website or hosting provider to a new discounted Sharefaith website. The selling, which runs from June 2012 to June 30, allows churches to upgrade from a high-cost, low-quality website to a low-cost, high-quality church website.
“It’s difficult for churches to move web providers because they’ve already invested too much time and money into their current web solution. When you consider the high price you’re paying for restricted utilities, hosting, and maintenance, though, it’s clear that your money isn’t being well spent. There is a simpler, more cost-effective alternative that still gives you a competitive advantage! Sharefaith’s goal has always been to provide cutting-edge, cost-effective church media and web solutions that enable churches to have the best without paying a premium “Sharefaith’s CEO and President, Hein van Wyk, says

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