Set up something

Set up something

Set up meaning

On a regular basis, hundreds, if not thousands, of words in the English language perplex authors. Words that sound the same, are pronounced the same, have only minor variations in sense, and so on.
I’ll go through the differences in usage and purpose between setup and set up in this article. I’ll use real-life examples from national newspapers and magazines, and you’ll have the opportunity to test your knowledge with a quiz at the end.
Here’s a graph of setup vs. setup as a point of reference. Setup is much more common when spelled as a single word, and many prominent style guides, including The AP Stylebook, mention it without a hyphen.
What does it mean to “set up”? Set up (two words) is a verb phrase that means “to put things in order,” “to install software on a device,” “to arrange a date,” and “to set up a trap for others,” among other things.

4 phrasal verbs with put – put up, put on, put away, put

In American English, the noun setup is typically written as a solid compound (that is, as a single word), whereas in British English, it is written as a hyphenated compound (set-up). In phrases like setup man (“someone who makes machine tool adjustments”) and setup tool (“software that enables the installation of a computer program”), the noun can be used attributively (that is, as an adjective). In both American and British English, the verb set up is typically used as an open compound (two words, no hyphen).

Phrasal verbs with set in, set up, set aside, set apart in english

Since “set up” is a phrasal verb, both “set something” and “set something up” are right English. “Setup anything,” as kajaco points out, is actually a typo (although it is fairly common).
If the something component is short enough, I don’t think one of the two right phrases is necessarily more explicit than the other. It’s necessary, however, not to separate the two terms too much. That is, as the something part grows longer, it becomes more difficult to distinguish between “set” and “up.”
“What is the line between too long and not too long?” you might wonder if you’re a non-native speaker. There isn’t a straight line that can be drawn as a guideline. However, if the something element is longer than 5 words, I would suggest keeping “set” and “up” together to be secure.

Life is beautiful – inject meaning into your story with setup and

The website was set up in one week by the technician. — Der Techniker richtete die Website in einer Woche ein.

Phrasal verbs with set: set up, set in, set to

To prosecute war crimes, an international tribunal was created. — In order to prosecute war crimes, an international court was created.
The freezing of salaries, strict supervision of financial compensations, maintenance of the amount of annual working days, implementation of the principles of flexibility, internal mobility, multiskilling and retraining at every level, introduction of jobs based on functional classes, and other steps to minimize staff costs and improve efficiency were all introduced at the same time. In addition, BWE implemented a new procurement strategy and created a quality plan with the aim of improving quality.
Considers it important to enhance pesticide users’ actions in order to prevent abuse, overuse, and poisoning accidents; applauds the development of a framework of training and education for skilled pesticide users, for which the Commission should establish recommendations that take into account regional differences; believes that qualification and training should be mandatory; and believes that certification and training should be mandatory.

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