Sermon recording equipment

Sermon recording equipment

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If you already have microphones and a soundboard, capturing the sound from a church sermon can be fairly easy. What if you’re in a smaller church, though? What if your pastor doesn’t use a microphone or your sound system makes plugging in a recorder difficult? What if you could record church sound in a format that could be easily uploaded or saved to a flash drive?
Simply clip the gadget to your belt or place it in your pocket, clip the microphone to your shirt or tie, and press the record button. I understand how difficult it can be to convince a pastor to press record, and how uncomfortable it can be to walk up and do it yourself right before the sermon. Don’t worry, this Tascam can run for around 10 hours on a single AA battery, and the microSD cards can store even more hours of audio; all you have to do is start recording before the service begins and stop recording once it’s done.
If you set the levels incorrectly or if the pastor begins shouting or singing during the sermon, the Tascam will assist you. You may make it automatically record a backup “safety recording” at a lower level to prevent clipping and distortion.

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We’ll provide guidance for recording sermons on a shoestring budget, as well as a few options for those with a larger production budget who want more professional results.
If your church already has a soundboard and a laptop for sermon recording, all you’ll need is a small cable like this 3.5mm to XLR Cable to connect your soundboard to your laptop.
You might use a portable recorder like this Handheld Digital Audio Recorder if your church doesn’t have a soundboard. This can conveniently be placed on your podium so that you are not required to keep it the entire time.
You’ll need a proper microphone in that situation. You might consider using the built-in microphone on your laptop to record sermons, but we don’t recommend it. Your audience will note the poor sound quality and will fail to understand your sermon.
SlingStudio’s HD Video Production Unit can be used to produce a high-quality video recording that uses several cameras for churches with a limited budget. From an iPad or laptop, SlingStudio allows you to switch between video feeds in real time. You may use camcorders, DSLR cameras, or even your smartphone to add feeds.

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What you want to use as a recorder has a significant effect. Audio recording applications are available on most tablets and phones, and audio can be accepted via the headphone jack. The downside is that you have little file capacity, and moving your file from your system to the web would almost always necessitate transferring it to a server. However, because of the simplicity and accessibility of these instruments, they are an easy and fast way to document that most churches can easily implement.
On the other hand, capturing podcast-style audio is not time consuming. At a basic level, most computers sold in the last five or six years can handle it. Furthermore, the majority of the sites you can choose to host your files online will have a web-interface that is designed for use on a typical desktop or laptop computer.
How can you get your pastor’s voice into your digital recording system if a microphone is already picking up his or her voice and sending it to the soundboard?
The most straightforward approach is to invest $7 or $8 in a cable that converts audio from your soundboard to the headphone jack found on most devices.
You’ll need to upgrade to the $30 iRig if you’re using an iPad or iPhone because their input includes a specific form of headphone jack.

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Many church planters and missionaries contact the Ambassador team, asking for advice about how to record their sermons on a budget. Many of these small churches lack the financial resources to buy costly equipment or employ a sound technician. A sermon, on the other hand, is not difficult to register. We’ll go through some low-budget approaches and free software options for recording a crisp, clean sermon in the sections below. I’m confident you’ll be able to use one of these approaches at your church after reading through a few of them.
Since most recordings would have some feedback and mic hiss, recording with a laptop is possibly the easiest process. You’ll need to download Audacity first. Audacity is a completely free audio editing program. This is the application that you will use to record your audio. If you want to record with your laptop, you’ll need to insert an audio feed into the microphone port (Apple headphone ports double as mic ports). This is the form I use at my own church. Many churches have a sound booth or sound system built. The audio feed must come from this venue. This will eliminate echoes and have the cleanest audio possible.

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