Selling prepaid phone cards

Selling prepaid phone cards

How to load a prepaid card through the mobile app

So I’m considering buying an unlocked phone from Best Buy that includes a free prepaid SIM and refill card, such as a $40 Cricket or $50 basic cell refill. I don’t use any of those sites, so I was hoping to find a website or online exchange, other than eBay or Craigslist, where I could sell to others at a discounted price. For prepaid phone cards, it’s equivalent to a swappa. 2 responses 83 percent sharesavehidereport Voted up This discussion has been ended. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.

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Prepaid phone cards can be bought and used to make long-distance calls for a fixed charge. Cards grant you a fixed amount of time to call particular destinations. Advertisements for these cards might say things like “$5 for 1000 Minutes to Guatemala.”
You use a card by calling an access number, which can be either a local or toll-free number, after buying it. You’ll be asked for your personal identification number, which is normally printed on the card you bought, as well as the phone number you want to dial. An automated voice can tell you how much time is left on your card and provide you with additional information or choices.
If you have an issue with the local store where you bought the card, contact the local Consumer Affairs or Better Business Bureau, as well as the state Attorney General. These phone numbers are commonly found in your local telephone directory’s blue pages or government section.
Companies other than the phone company or service provider also sell prepaid phone cards. Contact the Federal Trade Commission at if you have complaints about misleading or fraudulent ads or marketing practices.

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Customers can print their toll-free access number and PIN while still on the website or collect them via e-mail shortly after making their order. Customers dial the toll-free number associated with their purchased card to make a call, then obey voice prompts to type their PIN and the number they’re calling. The cost of the call is immediately deducted from the prepaid card’s value.
Prepaid card use has risen significantly in recent years, with millions of Americans using them on a regular basis. The cards are particularly popular with college students, vacationers, business travelers, foreign tourists, and new citizens because they are easy to purchase and use.

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That’s what our most thorough investigation of prepaid phone cards for international calls has found. Over 130 cards were purchased by our hidden shoppers in over two dozen stores throughout New York State, ranging from bodegas to gas stations to national chains. Phone cards are particularly common in New York State, which has a large immigrant population.
In immigrant communities, especially among Hispanics, prepaid phone cards are common. They have a low-cost link to family and friends in immigrants’ home countries, and they don’t need a credit card. Calls made from a mobile phone can also be much less costly than those made from a traditional landline phone.
However, our shoppers discovered that about three-quarters of the phone cards they purchased did not provide information about the calling rates. Being an educated customer is virtually impossible, considering the plethora of ambiguous fees and surcharges levied by many of the cards.
What callers get varies a lot. For $5, one card given more than 20 hours of calling time to Mexico City. JTI’s Chocolate card just gave you 5 minutes for $2. When we attempted to call JTI’s customer service number, we received only a brief recording: “Thank you very much. Bye-bye.”

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