Secure mail date

Secure mail date

Send and open confidential emails in gmail with sms

The end of the Securemail service ignited a lot of debate among university employees. We will continue to provide Securemail service past the previous discontinuation date of August 31, 2020, in order to provide the best possible service to university staff and students. The exact date of discontinuation will be determined later. We will notify university staff and students well in advance of the discontinuation.
Using the e-mail connection, you can only open the message once. Do not use the cross button (top corner) to close the message if you want to reopen it. Rather, choose LOGOUT. If you close the message wrongly, it will not be reopened!

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Confidential emails can be sent and opened.

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You may use Gmail’s confidential mode to send messages and attachments to help secure sensitive information from unauthorized access. You may set an expiration date for messages or revoke access at any time by using confidential mode. Forwarding, copying, printing, and downloading options will be disabled for recipients of the confidential letter.
Note that while confidential mode prevents recipients from sharing your email by mistake, it does not prohibit recipients from taking screenshots or photographs of your messages or attachments. Malicious programs on the recipient’s device can always allow them to copy or import your messages or attachments.

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When sending an email message from GroupWise, you have the option of sending it as text or HTML. You may also opt to connect a file, have a signature or vCard, and spell-check the message before sending it.
For composing objects, GroupWise uses the HTML Compose view by default. The HTML view provides a wide variety of fonts, point sizes, and colors, as well as paragraph types, indentation, bulleted lists, numbered lists, hyperlinked text, and horizontal lines, as well as image options for embedded images and background images. You can use the Plain Text Compose view if you prefer a simplified editing environment.
NOTE: If recipients view the email in HTML Read mode, they will see it exactly as you formatted it. An HTML-formatted item’s font cannot be modified. HTML formatting is lost if recipients use the Plain Text Read view. They can, however, select View > HTML to see the message in the format you specified.
The features and formatting of the application are available inside the GroupWise compose window when you choose LibreOffice or Word as your default editor. For help with formatting, check their documents.

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Encrypted Mail can be used to access Microsoft Teams meetings. You can enter Microsoft Teams meetings directly from invitations in the Calendar in Secure Mail for iOS. If you have the Microsoft Teams app enabled, it will open and allow you to enter the meeting. If the app isn’t installed, you’ll be asked to download Microsoft Teams from the App Store. The app opens and you access the meeting directly if the meeting is in the format
Azure Government Cloud Computing is supported. On the Azure Active Directory tenant, Secure Mail for iOS and Android supports Government Cloud Computing (GCC) High for modern authentication (OAuth). Secure Mail is registered as an endpoint on the GCC High in order to comply with Microsoft’s mandatory provision for all GCC High services. See What’s new for Azure Active Directory in Microsoft 365 Government for more details.
For authentication, you will now be guided to GCC High on the Azure Active Directory tenant. In addition, the Azure Active Directory tenant’s admin must issue Protected Mail permissions.

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