Secure account services

Secure account services

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When trying to log in to their CRA account, some taxpayers may have received notice that their CRA user ID and password have been revoked. For more details, go to CRA user ID and password have been revoked.
Individuals who are affected will continue to file their tax returns online using NETFILE approved software and register for emergency benefits once they use a different login system or create a new CRA user ID and password. Please contact the CRA if you are unable to use this online option.

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When you have numerous AWS accounts and teams, cloud configuration and governance can be complicated and time-consuming, slowing down the very innovation you’re trying to accelerate. AWS Control Tower is the simplest way to set up and manage a stable, multi-account AWS environment, based on best practices learned from AWS’ work with thousands of businesses as they migrate to the cloud. Builders can provision new AWS accounts in a few clicks with AWS Control Tower, and you can rest easy knowing that your accounts follow your company’s policies. Control Tower will help you get started quickly with governance and best practices built-in, whether you’re developing a new AWS environment, beginning your journey to AWS, launching a new cloud project, or collaborating with existing accounts.
With just a few clicks, automate the configuration of your multi-account AWS environment. The configuration makes use of blueprints, which are a list of AWS best practices for configuring AWS security and management services to control your environment. Identity management, federated access to accounts, centralized logging, cross-account security audits, account provisioning workflows, and account baselines with network configurations are all protected by blueprints.

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The Service Bureau Directory lists all Service Bureaus that have completed the certification process successfully. All Service Bureaus have been asked to comply with the SIP 2019 release as of January 1st this year, and the SIP 2020 release by December 31, 2020.
A Service Bureau with accredited status and an indication of the Shared Infrastructure Programme release [year] against which compliance was developed is listed in the Service Bureau Directory.
A Service Bureau that passes the registration process but has not yet demonstrated compliance with the security and operational criteria will be classified as “In Assessment” on the Service Bureau Directory. Also published with the “In Review” status is an established Service Bureau that is not consistent with the current or previous release of the Shared Infrastructure Programme but is still within the permitted remediation period after a recent on-site inspection.

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2-Step Procedure Even if a hacker steals your password, verification helps prevent them from gaining access to your account. Choose a stronger second verification stage to avoid common phishing techniques associated with text message codes:
Consider enrolling in the Advanced Protection Program for a higher level of security if you’re a writer, activist, or someone else who’s at risk of targeted online attacks. Advanced Defense protects against phishing by using encryption keys, as well as other safeguards such as blocking insecure applications.
A device’s vulnerability increases as more applications are built on it. On devices that have access to sensitive data, just install important applications and browser extensions. To keep your computer and personal information secure, avoid downloading unfamiliar software or apps from unknown sources.

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