Screen touch sound

Screen touch sound

How to turn on/off touch sound on samsung

I was watching a YouTube video one night and went to take a shower, but I still wanted to watch something when I got back, so I left the tablet on. Since it was plugged in, the auto sleep mode was turned off. When I returned, the screen was dark, but not black like it is when it is in sleep mode or switched off; the LED display backlight could still be seen. But I was still convinced it had gone into sleep mode for some reason, so I pressed the spacebar as usual to wake it up. But it didn’t wake up, and I didn’t want to deal with it; I had some tabs open with schoolwork, so I couldn’t turn it off, so I just closed it (it’s a tablet with a removable keyboard, so it functions like a laptop), and it went into sleep mode. I tried to wake it up, but I’m not interested in wasting my time on this. That’s exactly what I did. When I awoke, I simply unplugged it and carried it to school, never using it. I opened it when I got home, and the screen was gone. So, I was pleased, and I tried to log in, but it wouldn’t let me.

How to stop tap vibrations and touch sounds on android oreo

I’m curious if there’s a way to switch off the beep while using a touch screen display. I have an Elo Touch Screen display and can do it on a physical PC, but I need to do it on 100 PCs, so I’m not sure how to do it with a startup/logon script or by GP. I disabled the Windows Audio Service and turned off the “HKCU/Control Panel/Beep” registry setting, but the beeping continues. It’s more of a machine beep than a windows beep.
Consider giving it a shot, but keep in mind that it can disable several device warning and other sounds, even if you’re using a mouse pointer (you will still be able to listen to music, etc.,and features such as Narrator will still work)
There were no registry settings that I could find. I did find an EloOptions.cfg file (C:ProgramFilesElotouchelooptions.ini) that is a text file with options in it (or cfg). Depending on which driver edition you’re using, it’s formatted differently. I have XPe WYSE clients on which I’m running Elo 5.4.7. You can disable the beep by entering a “0” in the text file’s line. I’m wondering if you could script something to send each client a new version/copy of that file? Only an idea. When configuring this way, you can need to restart the elo services or reboot to see the changes in effect. Hopefully, this has been of assistance.

Touch screen sound effects all sounds

I have a Windows 10 PC with a non-touch screen. Since my mouse does not always have a keyboard attached, I sometimes want to use the Touch Keyboard with it. As I write, however, it makes this irritating tapping sound.
I’m responding to my own inquiry. The Touch Keyboard is a Pop-up Keyboard. The menu for turning off the sound is not available when there is no touch screen attached. The menu appeared after I connected a Touch-capable display, and I was able to turn it off. And when the Touch display is turned off, the sound is turned off.

Samsung touch screen sound effect

The problem was discovered to be caused by the fact that the High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) and DisplayPortTM (DP) connections were both attached to the same graphics adapter at the same time. Video and audio signals are carried by both of these display links. When both are linked to the same graphics adapter, audio interference occurs (Buzzing).
For normal operation, only one of these connections is needed (see the setup guide page 18). Where both DP and HDMI connections are open, the DP connection is usually the better choice.

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