Scootpad app for ipad

Scootpad app for ipad

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With iMovie, the quick and fun moviemaking app that puts everything you need to tell your story at your fingertips, you can make beautiful HD movies anywhere. In the Marquee view, you can browse and play projects. In minutes, you can make Hollywood-style trailers or sophisticated home videos. And you can share your completed creations with the rest of the world right from iMovie.
See for yourself why this magical educational app has been downloaded by over 1.000.000 students worldwide in just one year. Nearpod is a must-have app for teachers and schools with a selection of iPads, iPods, or iPhones to use in their classrooms.
Educreations transforms your iPad into a whiteboard that can be recorded. It’s as simple as touching, tapping, and talking to make a great video tutorial. Describe a mathematical formula… Make an animated tutorial… Make a caption for your pictures… Create a sports diagram.
Evernote is a free, simple-to-use software that lets you remember everything on all of your devices. Organize your thoughts, save them, and boost your productivity. Evernote allows you to take notes, take pictures, make to-do lists, and record voice reminders—all while keeping your notes fully searchable, whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go.

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Scoot Pad offers a variety of pricing options, but I’ve always used their free plan. At the moment, I’m on the premium plan. ScootPad provides students with individualized plans and advanced student reports that enable them to track their progress on skills and expectations. These are also useful since they can be used for parent-teacher conferences or portfolios. Visit their website at to see what they have to give in terms of plans.
My name is Mary Ann. Allow me to put my 37 years of experience as a special education teacher to work for you. The tools, tips, and ideas you’ll find on this page will help you help your students succeed.


Dexteria Dots 2 is a game that helps children improve their motor and math skills. Simple math concepts such as number comparisons, counting, and addition and subtraction are taught to students. Each of the three scenarios has four levels of difficulty, allowing for endless engagement and replayability. (2.99 dollars)
This free software includes bookmarking and annotation tools to assist with term paper study, as well as a new bookmarklet for the iPad that allows users to highlight web pages, bookmark a page with tags, add a sticky note, and save bookmarks and annotations to a Diigo account. Visit the Diigo Toolbar page in the iPad Safari browser and tap on “Web Highlighter for iPad” to install the bookmarklet.
With a program that uses MultiUser Virtual Environments, the EcoMUVE project aims to help middle school students gain a deeper understanding of ecosystems and causal patterns (MUVEs). These re-create real-life ecological settings in which students can explore and gather data. Within a four-week inquiry-based ecosystems program, it contains two two-week modules.

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It’s difficult to select only one iPad app for education because there are so many to choose from. We combed through all of the educational applications available for students and teachers to find the most inclusive ones for all subject areas and grades.
iTooch is by far the most extensive database of instructional resources, with thousands of activities for self-guided learning or flipped classrooms for grades K–12. Download one of the K–5 Language Arts, Math, Science, or Health apps if you teach elementary school. If you teach middle school, find an app that fits your needs in Math, Language Arts, or Health for grades 6–8. Teachers and tutors in high school will use the SAT Critical Reading, SAT Math, U.S. History, and Biology applications for students in grades 9 through 12. Students can use their personal iPads to download the educational app and work through an entire program of thousands of long-term aligned events. iTooch is ideal for a blended learning or flipped classroom setting. Summer school programs, study halls, and tutoring sessions can all be easily supervised with the EdTech app so there is no need to prepare ahead of time.

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