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Scholastic administrator magazine

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Via the ASNE Youth Journalism Program, the American Society of News Editors (ASNE) is pleased to support the release of the Principal’s Guide to Scholastic Journalism. Supporting the growth of successful high school student journalism programs has never been more critical.
The dawn of the digital age forever altered the way we all consume news. In a single second, more data is generated than can possibly be consumed in a lifetime. Critical thinking skills, such as analyzing the accuracy of news stories and information sources and distinguishing between evidence, opinions, and assertions, are critical 21st century skills. Students learn these news literacy skills while delivering a meaningful service to their school community through scholastic journalism programs.
Student publications help to create community and stimulate public discussion on subjects that are relevant to students. ASNE urges students to aim for professional excellence and the highest journalistic standards, as illustrated in ASNE’s Statement of Values, which can be found here:

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What kind of preparation, system support, and strategies will make principals feel motivated, capable of leading schoolwide change, and prepared to build vibrant learning environments? Educational Leadership® (EL®) explores ways to improve school leadership pipelines, develop capacity, and help principals at all stages of their careers in the April 2021 issue. Check out the latest problem.
Leaders who can navigate change and inspire others are needed now more than ever. Bryan Goodwin, president and CEO of McREL International, breaks down the research on leadership styles in the latest installment of his monthly column, sharing how to assess your own style and adapt it to your school’s needs.
When we near the end of spring break, we start thinking about the end of the school year. Join us as we focus on how to make the most of this exceptional year and prepare for the challenges that the new school year will bring.

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School Administrator was named a Silver Medalist in the 2020 EXCEL Awards program by Association Media and Publishing. In the Magazine – General Excellence category for organizations with 10,000 to 20,000 participants, the magazine shared the Silver with the American Society of Landscape Architects. The issues from May, June, and August of 2019 made up our entry. In addition, the National Public Relations Association’s 2018 Publications and Digital Media Contest awarded both School School Administrator the Award of Excellence in the magazine category for its August 2017 issue, which focused on school safety and student health and featured a cover story titled “An Opioid Crisis Hits Home,” and its September 2017 issue, which focused on tapping into brain discs.
The National Public Relations Association’s 2016 Publications and Electronic Media Contest awarded School Administrator the Award of Excellence in the magazine category for its August 2015 issue, which featured a cover story titled “Are Sports Eclipsing Academics?” Several papers in this topic focused on the current role of interscholastic athletics.

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They are print and online research-based literacy tools for students in grades PreK–12 and their teachers. In any learning environment, our engaging nonfiction stories and interactive teaching resources develop awareness and skills across the content areas.
We help improve engagement for deeper learning and higher ability attainment wherever your students are. Every issue involves programs and evaluations that align with state expectations, prepare students for standardized exams, and improve reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.
With real stories about real kids, seamlessly weave SEL into any content field. Teachers may use comprehensive lesson plans and SEL text collections to help students learn valuable skills like anxiety management, empathy, and relationship development.
Classroom magazines “are useful resources for engaging students in reading and improving opportunities for them to read with deep comprehension through disciplines and subjects,” according to a wealth of high-quality research.

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