Samsung s7 autocorrect

Samsung s7 autocorrect

How to turn off autocorrect on the samsung galaxy s7 with

At the 2016 Mobile World Congress, Samsung released two outstanding smartphones, one of which is the Galaxy S7. You already own this product, so you don’t need me to tell you that it has a more advanced design and excellent build quality, not to mention a better camera, longer battery life, expandable storage, and dust and water resistance.
These are awesome, and I don’t want to bother you, but there are a variety of concerns that owners are complaining about. To make it a little easier for you, I’ve started treating Samsung’s Galaxy S7 common problems and fixes, highlighting what you should do if you’re having any of these issues on your own computer.
Today, I’d like to discuss the fact that many users experience Auto Correct Issue when they first get a new phone, and unfortunately, your Galaxy S7 is no exception. Many users have reported that the stock Samsung keyboard’s auto replace feature is acting up in strange ways. For eg, the function may unexpectedly stop working, or the auto corrected words may be replaced with something entirely unrelated when a sentence ends with an exclamation point or a question mark.

How to turn off autocorrect on the samsung galaxy s7

In a text message, if I capitalize a phrase, my Galaxy S7 converts it to lower case. It fits well for most names and retains the upper case, but it keeps shifting the s and m to lower case in common terms like Stone Mountain (a town in Georgia). Piper, my dog, has the same problem. Note that this is NOT the first letter of a text problem; I’ve discovered that the spurious space at the start of the message is the culprit.
Since autocorrect is allowed, your keyboard will change words to lower case as needed. Since the examples you provided are regular words written in lower case, the keyboard can not distinguish between when you mean to write the name of a city and when you mean to write an English word. Regarding your dog’s name, I’m guessing you wrote it once and it’s now saved in lower case.
In your case, type the word ‘Stone’ in upper case, then click the word on the suggestion bar where it appears in orange font before pressing the space bar (as shown in the screenshot). Repeat this process for each term a couple of times. This helps the keyboard to “learn” the word and not correct it the next time it is typed.

How to activate auto correct feature in samsung galaxy tab

What a disaster! What a disaster! What a disaster! My Samsung Galaxy S7 has been upgraded! The gui and display had lost all of their vibrancy and color!!! The text and icons are incredibly thin! It’s now almost unusable! My phone has the appearance of a Samsung S1!
This new update is terrible; it deleted all of my learned terms, and when it doesn’t know a phrase, it won’t let me save it, so any time I use it, it autocorrects to the wrong word; last update, you could add your own words and it would remember; this update won’t let me use words I like, and I can’t change anything in the dictionary area; all the words it knows is the only thing I can use; and I can’t change anything in the dictionary area

Samsung galaxy s7 edge : how to enable or disable auto

These unique new words would be remembered in a dictionary if you type with the Samsung keyboard on your Samsung Galaxy S7. Such terms can then be shown in a suggestion bar by the keyboard. It’s possible that the words in this bar are ones you don’t want to see and want to remove. Individual terms can be deleted from the dictionary in Android Nougat as follows:
Open a keyboard-displaying program on the Samsung Galaxy S7. Now type in the first letters of the word you want to delete so that it appears in the suggestion bar. Press and hold the word to delete it. A pop-up window will appear with the message “Delete – Your word will be deleted from the learned terms.” “OK” should be used to confirm this query. The term has been stripped from the lexicon and will no longer be used. This is a significant improvement over previous versions of Android Nougat. On the Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android Nougat, you now know how to delete individual terms.
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