Samsung s4 autocorrect

Samsung s4 autocorrect

How to turn off autocorrect on android [samsung galaxy s3

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone has a lot going for it; it’s the fastest-selling Android phone ever for a reason. However, as good as the phone is, there are a few parts of it that irritate me greatly. Samsung’s keyboard, in particular, may be my biggest gripe in terms of core features, since it lacks an auto-correct feature. Fortunately, for users like me who can’t live without auto-correct, there’s a simple (and free) way to correct this major oversight.
As poor as some auto-correct implementations are — I’m looking at you, Apple — it’s much worse to be without this vital function. Rather than auto-correcting, Samsung’s keyboard attempts to anticipate what users type in a field above the keyboard and allows them to tap suggestions to enter the completed phrase. For some people, this is a brilliant option, but it doesn’t perform as well as conventional auto-correct because it interrupts the normal flow of typing on a smartphone.

Samsung galaxy s4: how to turn off autocorrect / predictive

For certain users, allowing the auto correct function will be able to assist them in typing easier because when they enter text, the system can recommend words for them to correct or complete the word manually. Additionally, the user can set the device to automatically complete or substitute a word when the space bar or a punctuation mark is pressed. Unfortunately, for certain people, this function is inconvenient because they do not want the system to correct or substitute their phrases. If you don’t want to use this feature, you can easily switch it off so that you can type whatever word you want without worrying about it being corrected or substituted.
From any app or screen where you can enter text, you can easily access the Samsung keyboard settings. As an example, you can use the following steps to learn how to switch off auto correct in the Messaging app when writing a new text message:
For the record, the vast majority of insiders who have emailed me have stated that they would prefer to disable the predictive text option without the auto replacement option since auto replacement often substitutes the wrong or unwanted term. So, how do you feel about it? Do you just disable auto replacement or do you also disable predictive text?

How to turn off autocorrect on the samsung galaxy s4

Suggestions Toggle Installation on Your GS4

Samsung galaxy s4 adding the auto-correct text feature

Check for Suggestions Toggle in the Downloads section of the Xposed app, then slide to the right to install it. You can also directly download the module from this page. Return to Xposed and configure the module properly once it’s been activated.
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Samsung galaxy s4: how to enable/disable predictive text

If you’re anything like me, the Android device’s autocorrect causes more problems than it solves. When I’m in a rush and try to text something important to a client or my mom, autocorrect invariably intervenes and decides to interpret my intentions. Sure, autocorrect can be helpful at times, but most of the time, it’s just plain wrong. Besides, I enjoy going back and double-checking stuff. On my smartphone, this method helps me to type faster and be much more effective. I’ll start by showing you how to disable autocorrect on a Verizon-branded Samsung Galaxy S4. Since every phone is different, keep in mind that the steps can vary depending on your device.
Things are a little different with the HTC M8. The M8 isn’t as invasive as some other gadgets. It won’t automatically replace anything; instead, it will highlight your misspelled words and provide suggestions. If you want to disable it, follow these steps:
Is autocorrect getting in the way of your work? When your phone doesn’t predict what you want to say and simply substitutes your thoughts, are you a more effective smartphone user? If you’re one of those people, you’ve found your answer. In the discussion thread below, share your thoughts on autocorrect.

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