Samsung galaxy s3 usb driver not connecting to pc

Samsung galaxy s3 usb driver not connecting to pc

Fixed (odin) unknown device or not detectting on pc

If that doesn’t solve the problem, try a System Restore. If a recent app or upgrade caused problems with your PC, you can restore Windows to a previous point in time, referred to as a restore point. If the last restore point is older than 7 days, Windows generates a restore point automatically when you install desktop software and new Windows updates. You can also manually build a restore point at any time.
I forgot to note that the phone’s USB cable is usable, as it charges the phone when connected to the PC. I’m going to uninstall a few updates that were installed over the last few days and see if that solves the issue.
I uninstalled this update, but nothing changed.
Then I did a System Restore to a point about 3/4 weeks ago.
There is nothing but a clutchy, heavy, and sluggish device. Updates are ready to be installed again, but they are attempting to prevent it. However, the Samsung phone has yet to be detected… Obstacles
When you say that the camera is detected by the PC, you’re implying that the phone should also function. I’m guessing there’s an issue with the USB cable you’re using to link the phone to the computer. To see if it is found, try a different USB cable.

How to fix samsung galaxy note 3 usb connection to pc

I’ve had my Galaxy S3 for a few months and have always been able to connect via USB to my device. It abruptly stopped working a few days ago. I’ve looked through a lot of other Android.SE forums, but none of them have been able to provide an answer to my question.
Symptoms: When I attach my phone through USB, it beeps and a lightning bolt appears on my battery, but that’s it. The pull-down status bar has no USB options, and the PC does not know that a computer has been plugged in. To see the full size of the picture, click on it.
I had the same issue and spent hours researching and trying everything but a hard reset. Then I realized I wasn’t using the USB cable that came with my Galaxy S3 i9300 when I tested it on another phone. My phone was immediately recognized after I plugged in the “stock” usb cable. I’m not sure why this is, because the cable I was using worked on any of the other devices I tried. My Galaxy S3 i9300 was also charged. Perhaps you’re charging your phone with your wife’s USB cable.
To prevent irritation and endless hours of checking, resetting, and reinstalling, I would advise everyone to make sure they are using the USB cable that came with their phone rather than a generic or one from a different Galaxy S3 model.

How to install samsung usb driver on windows 10, 8, 7, vista

You can use your Android phone to listen to music, watch videos, and take pictures, but you might need to link it to your desktop PC to get those files on–or off–your screen. It’s awesome when things go smoothly, but it can be aggravating if your system isn’t detected.
You can then search the device’s storage and add or uninstall files with ease. Of course, you can do this on your phone or tablet, but using a desktop computer can turn a potentially time-consuming task into a simple and pleasurable experience. Furthermore, you must be able to transfer files from one device to another, which allows your PC to understand and treat your device as conventional attached storage.
If you’ve ever tried to unlock your system, such as to install a new ROM or root it, you’ve probably installed the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) driver on your computer at some point. This driver is great for sending commands to your system from your computer, but it can screw up your easy-peasy file manipulation.

[ solved ] my samsung s3 is not connecting to laptop

For Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8, download the Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo PC Suite, which includes USB Drivers, ADB Drivers, and Firmware.

Device not detected by odin fix | samsung

You can attach your Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo to any device or laptop by downloading this driver. This app allows you to share data, edit files, and backup your phone’s data, contacts, calendar, and other information. This PC Suite is simple to use and fully free.
1. Simply download and run the setup files. Users of Windows Vista and Windows 7 must run the installation files as administrator (Right click on the file and then “Run as administrator”). If you skip this stage, the driver can not work properly.
Autofocus, Digital zoom, Digital image stabilization, Geotagging, Panorama, HDR, Touch focus, Face detection, White balance settings, ISO settings, and Exposure correction are all supported by this unit, which was released with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.
You must first download and install USB drivers before connecting your computer to your PC and installing the driver when prompted. If the USB driver has not been configured correctly, the PC Suite will not recognize your computer.

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