Samsung galaxy s3 no sim card

Samsung galaxy s3 no sim card

Samsung galaxy s3 i9300 sim card / sd card slot repair

Is there anybody else with a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3? I function in and fly through two cities where the “no sim” error happens on a regular basis. Due to this mistake, even with complete 4G coverage, if I ever needed to call the police or anyone in Nashville, I would not be able to make a phone call for 5-10 minutes at a time. I talked with Verizon, and they said they couldn’t do anything because neither they nor Samsung knew how to repair it. My 4G card has been reprogrammed, my phone has been cleaned a few times, battery pulls have been performed, and so on. When I talked with Verizon on the phone, I said, “What happens if anyone wants to rob me or jump me? Is it proper for me to tell them to wait 5 minutes while I make my one phone call, and then they can begin?”
I’m at a loss for what to do.
I kept this phone because I was informed that the problem would be resolved quickly, and that was over a month ago.
If it weren’t so costly, I’d cancel my Verizon contract and move to AT&T just to have a phone that actually works.
It irritates me that I paid $200 out of pocket for this phone and will have to pay retail when my contract ends, and it only works half the time.

How to fix galaxy s3 no sim card error

A replacement sim card reader unit for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is available for purchase. If your Galaxy S3 isn’t reading your SIM card, it might be a problem with the SIM reader; this is the repair component you’ll need to get your phone working again. This portion also requires a new memory card reader, so if your Galaxy S3 is having trouble reading your memory card, this might be the solution.
This replacement sim reader unit is brand new and has never been used. It is a high-quality replacement component imported from one of our reputable suppliers. Our inventory is kept in the United Kingdom, and orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours. The price of this item includes VAT. Anything we offer comes with a 90-day warranty, so you can shop with confidence. A low-cost 8-piece tool kit is also available.

Solved! emergency calls only fix for samsung galaxy s3

This is highly rare. The first suggestion would be to get a new sim card, and the second would be to get a new phone, all of which you seem to have attempted. It might be that a setting is switched off, or that an app is causing the problem for some odd reason? Have you moved all of your original applications from the first handset to the second?
I’m sorry you had to go through several phones and sim cards to enjoy your Galaxy S III, but I’m glad everything seems to be working now. That sounds like a great plan to wait a few more days before downloading another previously installed app; please let us know if you run into any problems after that.

How to insert and remove sim card in galaxy s3 android

The Samsung Galaxy SIII has a few card slots, including an SD card slot that can be used to increase the phone’s storage capacity by inserting a new SD card. You can quickly bring in and take out SD cards on your own. Also see: How to Place a Micro SD Card in a Samsung Galaxy S3 and Delete It This phone also has a SIM card slot where you can insert your SIM card. You can use this card to send messages, make phone calls, or connect to the internet and take advantage of other network features. However, some users reported receiving an error message that said No SIM card, despite the fact that they had inserted the SIM card into the tray. How do I patch the error “No SIM card”? If you’re having trouble with this, turn off your phone and follow the steps below: Once you’ve identified the causes and taken the appropriate measures to address them, consider turning on your phone to see if the issue persists. Again, if you find any causes and/or solutions that aren’t listed here, please share them by writing them in the comments section below 🙂

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