Same for sale

Same for sale

Same 503 for sale in israna haryana

Only one available at this price! Dry Clutch, 3 Cyl 3000cc Turbo, 3 Ranges / 4 Gear, 42 Litre per minute pump, 4WD with Diff Lock, Mechanical Engagement PTO, 73 hp @ 2200RPM There will be no electronic devices.
The same Iron 165.7Proline (180HP) is for sale OBO with 1,700 hours (not a misprint) 650/65R38 Rear Tires, 4 Remotes, Trailer Brakes, Cab and Front Suspension, Excellent Value, For more details, call Pete at 0276487618.
SAME Iron 150 – just 3338 hours on the clock, exact replica of a Deutz Agrotron 150 in orange, 24 speed transmission with creeper gears, 4 rear remotes, trailer brakes, hydraulic top link, cab suspension, ar…

Same 393 for sale

I need to sell the same commodity A for different prices in one selling order. And the type of price condition cannot be adjusted manually. I’m able to distinguish them based on their location. For example, in the first position, product A is one price, and in the second position, product A is discounted. I tried to do it by adjusting the 2nd place price group to determine a discount condition, but it resulted in an invoice break.
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Same 503 dc old tractor for sale | welcome to village | second

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Air conditioning, air conditioning, air conditioning, air conditioning, air conditioning, air conditioning, air Four-wheel drive is normal. Cabin as a platform Front tyre equipment: 480/70R34 Manufactured in 2010 4690 hours of operation per hectare 110 PS (power) (81 KW) Computer that has been used previously
The number of cylinders is three. Four-wheel drive is normal. Rear tyre equipment: 12,4-32, % of rear tyre equipment: 20%, % of front tyre equipment: 20%, % of front Front tyre equipment: 8.3-24, % of front tyre equipment: 40%, % of rear tyre equipment: 40%, % of rear 1 independent control unit Manufactured in 1975. 9773 hours of service per hectare PS (power): 50 (37 KW) Computer that has been used previously
Number of forward gears: 40, 40 reverse gears, 40 reverse gears, 40 reverse gears, 40 reverse gears, 40 reverse gear 40 km/h top speed 480/70 R 34, 480/70 R 34, 480/70 R 34, 480/70 R 34, 480/ Rear tyre equipment percentage: 100 percent, Front tyres: 420/70 R 24, rear tyres: 420/70 R 24 Front tyre equipment percent: 100 percent, Shaft for power take-off: 540/750/1000/1440 Manufacturing year: 2021 3 hours of operation per hectare 88 PS (power) (65 KW) a brand-new computer

Same silver 100.4 for sale

Greetings, community!

Same 503 for sale in hansi

Version 10 is what I’m using.

Same 603 for sell in tamilnadu 2008 model

How do you deal with a restaurant that has to handle several sessions from a single point of sale?

The 2020 same virtus 140 tractor

Each consumer is using a different device; we have a waiter at the bar, as well as an ipad-wielding waiter who walks around the restaurant checking and taking orders from customers.

Same buffalo 130 for sale

The issue is that we we can’t or haven’t yet figured out how.

Same tractors 2019

However, we want to have a single point of sale that can be reached by various users and devices at the same time.

Same 503 dc for sale in sonipat

I eagerly await your answer.
Ermin, thank you for your reviews.
I’ll look into the apps for synchronizing POS orders.
I figured there could be a way to do it with the default POS framework, but there isn’t one.
I’m aware that we can change POS users while still in the same session on the same computer.
once more, many thanks
I accept that understanding whether anyone is using that module will be beneficial.
I did not test running on two computers at the same time with the same user. I always test on one unit first, then move to another, never using both at the same time. That was not a problem for me.

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